Move like never before

CIARTIC Move is a new class of self-driving mobile 3D C-arm that addresses the challenges of staff shortages and overloaded surgical teams in the OR. 


Discover CIARTIC Move on March 21, 2024. Register now and get a sneak preview of the system.

Mobile C-arm machine CIARTIC Move: Move automatically – Move independently – Move effortlessly


CIARTIC Move unburdens OR teams by automating intraoperative imaging workflows. It effectively reduces the time, effort, and workforce capacity needed to move and position the system1.

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Siemens Healthineers - Mobile C-Arm - Cios Spin

Cios Spin 

  • More certainty in demanding cases
  • More efficiency in intraoperative 3D
  • More cost-effectiveness in surgery
Advanced Therapies - Mobile C-Arms - Cios Alpha

Cios Alpha 

  • Excellent images, right dose
  • Easy handling, smooth workflow
  • Extended capabilities, smart growth
Mobile C-arm machine Cios Flow

Cios Flow 

  • Designed for more ease in the OR
  • Versatility supports system utilization
  • Cyber security to safeguard data and access
Advanced Therapies - Mobile C-Arms - Cios Select with FD

Cios Select with FD 

  • Accuracy – see more with flat-detector technology
  • Productivity – streamline your work with smart touch user interface
  • Reliability – experience 99.8% system availability
Mobile C-arm machine - Cios Select

Cios Select 

  • Reliable and compact C-arm
  • Proven image intensifier technology
  • Ideally suited for ortho/trauma surgery

Discover CIARTIC Move on March 21, 2024. 

Register now and get a sneak preview of the system. 

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