Research and Development

Craig Buckley, Head of Research and Development GB&I
Craig Buckley, Head of Research and Development GB&I

Our Research and Development team work across the business to help our partners innovate. The patient is at the centre of everything we do, focusing on the clinical unmet need and how we can work together to improve healthcare across clinical pathways.

Our hospitals are full of clinical and research innovators and the pace of change is ever increasing. The dynamic is no longer simply to supply imaging or laboratory diagnostics systems, these are the technological advances to enable tasks to be carried out at the highest level. What energises us is what more can be done and how this might improve the delivery of cutting-edge detection and treatment.

Transforming care delivery is a huge part of what we do and encompasses all parts of our business, an example being our Enterprise Services team. They help us look at a hospital as a whole - looking at what we can do to optimise workflows or introduce research packages that will connect multiple systems. This can smooth out the delivery of data and centralise outcomes towards the patient.

We are all aware of funding and staffing shortages within the NHS, so hospitals are constantly seeking new ways of delivering care. It’s trying to do more with the same or less - can we increase precision and remove unwarranted variation? Can we improve workflow? Can we reduce a patient's length of stay in hospital? And how do we make healthcare more accessible? These are some of the focus points and questions we are addressing together in partnership.

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Research access to: 

Tools (prototypes source code, hidden features), Knowhow, Scientific networks/communities


GB&I active/draft projects.


Master collaboration agreements.


Patents and patent applications in machine learning.


Russell Group universities partner with Siemens Healthineers in joint research.


Dedicated research scientists in GB&I.


of global top 100 providers partner with us.

Integrating knowledge to jointly create innovations with;

  • Joint research projects on various modalities.
  • Research infrastructure.
  • Fellowship programmes for best-practice sharing.
  • Our large community through Medical Advisory Boards.
Digitalising healthcare enabled by Artificial Intelligence

AI drives outcomes that matter to patients by;

  • Prioritising complex/acute cases.
  • Avoiding unnecessary interventions.

AI drives quality of care by increasing;

  • Diagnostic precision through quantitative imaging.
  • Personalisation with intelligent image acquisition.

AI drives efficiency and productivity by enabling;

  • Increased workforce productivity through assistance in automation.
  • Clinical operations optimisation.