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To keep business growing, healthcare providers need to improve patient experience and expand their clinical portfolio. Make CT diagnostics personal with the CT scan machine SOMATOM go.Top eco. Stay with your patients longer and provide closer care. Easily cover the full clinical spectrum and adapt your workflow to every indication. Benefit from AI-powered scan automation and innovations from our high-end CT scan machines. Of course, SOMATOM go.Top eco comes with the image quality and dose reduction technologies you expect from us. 

Features & Benefits

SOMATOM X.cite with myExam Companion

FAST 3D Camera

Gantry-integrated cameraHigh Power 70myExam CompanionStellar detector

Mobile Workflow

GO technologies

CARE kV & 10kV Steps

Tin Filter

myNeedle Companion

    Mobile Workflow with SOMATOM go.All

    Mobile Workflow

    Patient expectations are increasing, and patients are becoming more vocal about their healthcare experience. The Mobile Workflow, our Companions, and other smart tools of SOMATOM go.Top eco support you in your work and let you stay with your patients.

    Experience our Mobile Workflow

    In a standard CT imaging work environment, users spend most of their time in the control room. With our unique Mobile Workflow, you can stay close to your patients and put them at ease. See for yourself!

    Our Mobile Workflow – figures tell the story

    Our Mobile Workflow had a positive impact on the CT scan procedure at the University Hospital Erlangen, Germany, as well as on the satisfaction of their patients.

    Mobile Workflow saves patient preparation time

    Helps speed up patient preparation time by 20%.2)

    Mobile Workflow lets users stay with patients longer

    Increases the time users spend in the same room with a patient by 90%.2)

    Mobile Workflow increases positive patient experience

    Increases the positive patient experience by 62%.2)

    Mobile Workflow increases patient satisfaction

    Increases the number of patients who feel more satisfied by 39%.2)

    More smart tools that guide you through any procedure

    Scan&GO with SOMATOM go.All


    Access the entire scan procedure on the tablet – from patient registration to image viewing. Stay with your patients during the procedure and even train breath-hold.

    Check&GO with SOMATOM go.All


    Identifies potential errors with organ coverage or contrast media volume and distribution plus the presence of wearable metal objects (e.g., belts or necklaces).

    Recon&GO with SOMATOM go.All


    Delivers fast, standardized results irrespective of the user. Automated postprocessing tasks reduce repetitive workflow steps and make even spectral imaging routine.3)

    CT View&GO with SOMATOM go.All

    CT View&GO

    Enables smooth reading in one workflow right at the CT scanner. Also films and distributes images and results according to your settings automatically.3)

    Speed, precision, and flexibility for CT-guided interventions

    Discover how the CT scan machine SOMATOM go.Top eco enables you to confidently perform routine and even complex CT-guided interventions with myNeedle Companion.

    Here you can find more detailed information on myNeedle Companion.

    Dedicated solutions for trauma

    Brain Hemorrhage with SOMATOM go.All

    Brain Hemorrhage2) 4)

    Automated assistance for more accurate triage of hemorrhagic cases

    Helps spot bleeding and prioritize a non-contrast scan by detecting and flagging up suspected intracranial hemorrhage.

    Skull Unfolding with SOMATOM go.All

    Skull Unfolding5)

    Skull fractures and surface hematomas at a glance

    Automatically displays the whole skull and brain surface in fewer unfolded ready-to-read images on one screen.

    Trauma Layouts with SOMATOM go.All

    Trauma Layouts3) 6)

    Fast and tidy data access in ED

    Trauma data sets are automatically filed and loaded in dedicated layouts according to the anatomical region.

    myExam Satellite with SOMATOM go.Top

    myExam Satellite

    Read and scan in parallel

    Film, create results, or read on a myExam Satellite client while work continues uninterrupted at the scanner.

    Comparison graphic SOMATOM go.Top

    Reduce operational costs9

    With reimbursements and budgets shrinking, the initial investment and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) become key factors of your CT system. That’s why SOMATOM go.Top eco has been designed for clever savings, reduced lifecycle costs, and easy fleet management.

    Improve your staff’s daily experience

    Shui, one Siemens Healthineers user interface


    One Siemens Healthineers User Interface (Shui) across modalities: The common visual logic and scan philosophy helps optimize clinical workflows, staffing schedules, results, and productivity.

    myNeedle Companion is available on selected Siemens Healthineers modalities

    myNeedle Companion

    Select the modality based on clinical or capacity criteria: myNeedle Companion is universally on the SOMATOM go. platform, the SOMATOM X. platform, as well as on selected angiography systems.7)

    Intuitive multimodality reading

    syngo.via View&GO

    Our intuitive multimodality reading and viewing software-only solution: Start reading right away and evaluate your studies with ease – located in one familiar and intuitive environment.

    Fleet management: Enhance standardization and drive efficiency

    Optimize scanner performance


    Optimize scanner performance with teamplay: Get a transparent overview of your system data, identify areas for improvement, and monitor your fleet’s performance.

    Enable remote scanning assistance

    syngo Virtual Cockpit

    Enable remote scanning assistance with syngo Virtual Cockpit: Expert colleagues receive access to the scanner and can support less-experienced technologists.

    Consistent image quality across your fleet

    myExam Companion

    Automated guidance for technologists: myExam Companion supports consistent image quality across your fleet.

    Clinical Use

    With every patient and clinical indication being different, fast and easy adaptation is key to success. Confidently offer advanced CT procedures and optimally adapt to each type of patient: Our CT scanner SOMATOM go.Top eco offers tools and technologies that help you turn challenging clinical fields into daily routine.

    Technical Specifications



    Rotation time

    up to 0.33 s


    7.0 MHU (17.5 MHU equivalent value with SAFIRE8))


    75 kW (187 kW equivalent value with SAFIRE8))

    High voltage

    70–140 kV in 10-kV steps, Sn100, Sn110, Sn120, Sn130, Sn140


    up to 825 mA (2.06 A equivalent value with SAFIRE8))


    64 x 0.6 mm

    Max. table load

    up to 307 kg

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