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AIDAN PlatformIntelligent imaging platform for PET/CT

AIDAN is our intelligent imaging platform for Biograph™ PET/CT scanners that supports the demanding processing power of AI-based solutions. Combined with the Biograph family of smart PET/CT scanners, AIDAN accelerates operational efficiency and creates an elevated patient workflow that generates more precise diagnoses and helps transform care delivery. For molecular imaging professionals, AIDAN uses powerful artificial intelligence to generate real impact.
PET CT scan machine in nuclear medicine - Intelligent imaging in nuclear medicine

Intelligent imaging solutions for molecular imaging

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Artificial intelligence in nuclear medicine expert talk - nuclear medicine future trends

Expert talk about artificial intelligence in molecular imaging

Expert talk (6:29)
by Dr. Sven Zuehlsdorff, MI, Siemens Healthineers
Finding solutions that improve diagnostic accuracy, enable an exceptional patient experience, and lift organizational performance is critical. Today, Biograph Horizon™, Biograph mCT, and Biograph Vision™ scanners continue to be at the forefront through artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled functionality made possible by AIDAN.

AIDAN is the result of 25 years of hardware and software innovations that enable next-generation solutions in oncology, cardiology, and neurology. We were the first to bring AI-powered applications to the scanner. With more than 40 AI offerings from over 700 machine- and deep-learning patents across Siemens Healthineers, we continue to lead the drive to bring new AI functionality to PET/CT. 

Artificial intelligence powered applications for Biograph PET/CT scanners

The AIDAN platform unlocks a host of advanced upgradable features:

Aidan flow motion - future of nuclear medicine

FlowMotion™ AI standardizes protocols and personalizes scans through a dedicated AI algorithm that automatically defines ranges based on each patient’s unique anatomy.

Aidan oncofreeze - future of nuclear medicine

With the click of a button, OncoFreeze™ AI delivers images free of motion without extended scan time or external devices. 

Aidan FAST PET workflow AI - future of nuclear medicine

FAST PET Workflow AI automates and simplifies image preparation and archiving. 

Aidan Multiparametric PET Suite AI - future of nuclear medicine

Multiparametric PET Suite AI is the first fully integrated solution to provide additional parameters and enable absolute quantification compared to SUV alone.

The Biograph family of PET/CT scanners is enhanced with intelligent solutions that heighten the patient and user experience, optimize department workflow, and help improve clinical outcomes.

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