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How to create a positive experience and comprise information that matters to the patient 

Patients’ mindsets and healthcare’s views on their experience, have changed over time. In former times, patient experience was all about comfort and onsite experience, provided in the healthcare facilities. Patients nowadays are more stressed, anxious, and skeptical about their diagnostic procedures. This influences how they feel in a healthcare setting. So, what is important to them today?

  • Patients demand a worry-free diagnostic and care process. They need supportive human connections and interactions with the care team
  • Patients want easy and reliable explanations, online or in-person
The future of healthcare will consider all human aspects, including physical condition, thinking, behavior, and emotion.

For more information on how to improve patient care and why it is important, also visit our website about patient experience.

Jason A. Wolf

Isabel Nieto Alvarez, MSc is passionate about innovating and transforming the experience of care to be human-centered. She is an expert in the Siemens Healthineers Global Innovation Network on mental and physical stressors in care experience. Isabel leads cross-functional teams in innovative projects on patient experience. She is a biomedical engineer from Universidad Ibero-Americana in Mexico, holds a Master in Science on Mind and Body Medicine from Saybrook University in California, and Certifications in Leadership in Healthcare without Harm and Design Thinking.

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