Sam Dickerson

Becoming a Level 5

Siemens Healthineers - Sudbury Employee Stories - Sam Dickerson

Taking control and challenging my career, helped harness a new passion for my position, and reach a goal I never imagined possible. Driven by the belief and support of my manager.

I’m Sam Dickerson, and my current job role is a Production Tester based at Sudbury Diagnostics. July 2021 marked 16 years since I have been with the company. Towards the latter few years, my passion for my role dwindled. Aside from this being an unhappy situation, it also had a detrimental affect towards my attitude, and I found myself not expressing the correct behaviours towards my job role. I became so disengaged at work, that even my colleagues reduced their contact with me, and stopped asking for my help. This frustrated me. It all made for a very miserable environment for my team and I (for which I am truly sorry for). The downward turn in my attitude developed over the years, and nothing my supervisor could suggest would satisfy me, I just wanted to be left with my day-to-day responsibilities, in the corner of the reactor room on the DGA.

A new production manager started. I expressed my feelings to them, and how I recognised a drive do something else. Surprisingly, his suggestion to shift my mindset was to challenge me to something far out of my comfort zone by asking me to do the SQDIP meetings. Now, to say I'm a chatterbox is an understatement, but to put me in front of people I don't particularly know very well, talking about a subject I hadn't really been paying much attention to terrified me (and still does to this day). It was a conversation with my husband on the way home that really changed things, I had mentioned I had been asked to do more in my role and my husband replied, "either do it or leave." His response shocked me, mostly because he was right, I couldn't see this for myself after I had spent so long with a negative mindset.

Being given this development opportunity, supported by the belief others had in me, shifted my attitude and outlook, both inside and outside of work. In addition, I was given the opportunity to work towards a Level 5 on the skills matrix. I had never thought about this being an option either, but I was excited by the prospect to learn and grow. At the time I had little self-belief, and I warned them I wasn't sure I could do it, by they both assured me I had the ability.

Last week, well over a year later, I achieved my goal and was made a Level 5. I am proud that I have achieved this. This has renewed my outlook and attitude. Now, when a colleague asked me for help, I've adapted to wanting to help get the answer, whether I know the answer immediately or not. Without doubt, I couldn't have achieved this without the support of the entire team who I am honoured to work with, my line manager and production manager.

Like me, if you are feeling a bit stuck, or tired with your role, ask yourself "what else can I do?" You may be surprised! Behaviours are very powerful, and truly living the 7 Siemens Healthineers Principles and having someone believe in me, has helped me realise that I can do anything I set my mind to - and so can you!