Artis QVisionary intervention

Experience visionary X-ray generation and detection that is designed with your challenges in mind: Artis Q.

Artis Q is visionary in performance – with its high performance, advanced 3D imaging, and excellent contrast resolution at virtually any angle and for challenging patient sizes. And Artis Q is visionary in precision – supporting you in fighting the most threatening diseases such as coronary artery disease, stroke, and tumors. Expand precision medicine and take performance to the next level with Artis Q.

Features & Benefits

To see devices and anatomical structures even in challenging patients and angulations is one of the main goals in interventional imaging. Artis Q offers the technology you need for enhanced image quality, high contrast resolution even at steep angulations, and sharp images of moving objects – while reducing dose by up to 60% (GIGALIX compared to previous tube technology). Find out more about the technology inside Artis Q.

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    Clinical Use

    Precise guidance is needed to help improve clinical outcomes during interventions. Expand precision medicine with Artis Q – and find out more about the clinical applications and technologies it offers to support you in your clinical field.

    Technical Details

    2021 edition of Artis Q

    Visionary intervention – that’s what Artis Q stands for. With techniques and technologies constantly changing, clinical institutions need a flexible angiography system that can be easily adapted. As an investment for the future, Artis Q empowers you to perform both routine and complex procedures today and to be ready for tomorrow's new procedures.

    Windows 10

    Latest operating system Windows 10

    • Windows 10 provides latest technology to safeguard against increasing cybersecurity threats
    • Future virus protection updates ensured
    Future-proof angiography system with hardware upgrades

    High performance imaging system hardware

    • Upgraded hardware enables new live image edge enhancement
    • New hardware of Artis imaging system and syngo X Workplace (with syngo Application Software) match requirements of new operating system software
    Future-proof angiography system with CLEAR MAX

    Improved contrast and sharpness with CLEAR MAX

    • Improved contrast and sharpness lead to better visualization of details, small vessels, devices,tissue, and bones at the same dose level2)
    • Separate processing of the device image leads to improved contrast and sharpness of devices inroadmap without affecting the vessel map2)
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