Sistema de Ultrassom ACUSON FreestyleCuidados modernos com a saúde

O Sistema de ultrassom ACUSON Freestyle™ aumenta a eficácia clínica e operacional no point of care. Por meio de avançadas tecnologias de transdutores sem fio, este sistema inovador permite que você personalize o fluxo de trabalho à sua volta.

Tenha um fluxo de trabalho mais inteligente com o inovador sistema de ultrassom ACUSON Freestyle.

  • Tecnologias de Transdutores sem fio: fluxo de trabalho sem cabos e um aperfeiçoado sistema de controle de infecções
  • Excepcional Capacidade de Imagens: imagens uniformes e de excelente resolução com o Pixelformer™, além de melhor visualização da agulha
  • Conectividade rápida e confiável: imagens em tempo real com transdutores sem fio, redes sem fio corporativas e conexão Bluetooth®.
  • Melhor controle operacional: fluxo de trabalho personalizado, com foco, frequência e automação TGC, e revisão de imagens no tablet com o Aplicativo ACUSON Freestyle Mobile Link 1

Características e Benefícios

ACUSON Freestyle and wireless ultrasound transducer

Striving to deliver confidence and efficiency at the point of care, the ACUSON Freestyle™ ultrasound system equips you with innovative, wireless ultrasound transducers to aid in promoting a higher quality of care and greater patient safety across your entire workflow.

This advanced system features enhanced needle visualization, an expanded image display, and unique operational independence to help you see beyond conventional procedural limitations.

Learn how the ACUSON Freestyle system can transform your anesthesiology, interventional radiology, MSK, and pain-management practices.

Empower your workflow with wireless ultrasound transducers that help deliver procedural efficiency with cable-free scanning, easy sterile field management, and single user operation that promotes an optimal working environment.

  • Integrated Transducer Controls 

With integrated controls for real-time operation, this advanced technology allows an improved range of scanning motion, as well as single operational use on procedures that previously required additional personnel.

  • Optimized Infection Control 

Each of the ACUSON Freestyle transducers is fully submersible for high level disinfection. And since they are wireless, cable sterility is eliminated from your workflow.

  • Streamlined, Cable-free Workflow 

Increase your freedom of motion with wireless connectivity up to three meters from the console. With an out-of-range probe alert system built in, you can better achieve on-the-go, point-of-care imaging without misplaced transducers.

  • Key Transducer Options 

Choose from three available transducers—L13-5 linear, L8-3 linear, and C5-2 curvilinear array—to help meet your patients’ needs.

Meet your imaging needs at the point of care with advanced technologies for automatic, uniform focusing, enhanced procedural guidance, and exam efficiency.

  • Pixelformer™ Image Processing Architecture 

The ACUSON Freestyle system features computational focusing, which delivers uniform clarity without manual focal-zone adjustment, providing a clear picture of patient anatomy with excellent detail resolution and image clarity.

  • Enhanced Needle Visualization 

This system uses an optimized viewing angle to ensure you get the most crystalline view of the needle in-plane or out-of-plane for enhanced procedural confidence.

  • Expanded Image Display 

Choose from three image size options, including an expanded clinical-imaging display for enhanced procedural operation.

Upgrade your workflow with innovative technologies that strive to improve safety and quality of care through wireless communication.

  • Ultra-Wideband Radio 

Transmit data at rates up to 10x faster than a 4G smartphone with 7.8 GHz ultra-wideband radio (UWB) to help produce exceptional, cable-free point-of-care imaging in real time.

  • Wireless Networking

Designed for wireless enterprise networks, enterprise authentication helps ensure a safer, more reliable connection to securely send and store patient exam data to your facility’s file archiving system.

  • Bluetooth® Radio 

Bluetooth technology enables the system and transducer to communicate clearly and seamlessly for reliable, uninterrupted scanning.

Discover solutions fit for modern healthcare with innovative applications that address your clinical and operational challenges.

  • Auto Time Gain Compensation

Enjoy a more flexible workflow experience with options for manual fine-tuning and automated image optimization.

  • Customizable Workflow

Tailor your workflow experience with easy navigation and factory optimized presets. Customize your presets, buttons and menu display layout as desired. Set up your operational footprint the way that’s most comfortable for you with wireless ultrasound transducers.

  • Practical Design

The ACUSON Freestyle ultrasound system features a compact console design with recharageable battery functionality and rapid boot-up for increased mobility, more streamlined operation, and enhanced exam efficiency.

Wirelessly connect your Windows® tablet and ACUSON Freestyle system with the mobile link app.1 Designed for efficiency, the app allows you to securely access studies to view images and clips—and even input patient worklist data—for a more streamlined, flexible workflow experience wherever you work.