EMIT 2000 Mycophenolic Acid Assay*

MPA concentrations are highly variable in patients receiving the drug. As such, treatment needs to be individualized depending on transplant type, co-administrated drugs, time post transplant, and other factors. The EMIT® 2000 MPA assay is a simple, easy-to-use solution to help clinicians better manage MPA therapy in transplant patients.


  • Results available within 10 minutes
  • Utilizes plasma samples - no pretreatment required
  • Assay can be performed alongside 3 other immunosuppressive drugs
  • Correlates to the HPLC reference method



  • Streamlined ISD monitoring for enhanced productivity
  • Benefit from up to 4 different ISD methods on one single V-Twin® or Viva-E® drug testing system

Assay Specifications

  EMIT 2000 MPA Assay
Product Code 6R919UL
Sample Type EDTA or Heparinized plasma
Pretreatment None
Reportable Range 0.1 μg/mL–15 μg/mL
Calibration With new reagent lot
Reagent Stability Opened - until expiration date


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