Evolve Program
Don't just adapt your imaging solutions, Evolve them.

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Evolve Program
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In a rapidly changing healthcare environment, investment protection requires more than maintaining stable performance in your imaging systems. What it takes is a service that raises your technology to a more efficient and cost-effective performance – without the cost of purchasing new equipment – while at the same time leveraging new clinical capabilities.

The Evolve Program is an anti-obsolescence program focusing on regaining performance and improving clinical capabilities for your technology.

Features & Benefits

  • The program includes one system software version upgrade, related training, and updates for your existing clinical applications
  • For many systems, additional software versions will be provided as they become available
  • To drive hardware compatibility and performance, one computer hardware upgrade kit is included in the service, typically three to five years after the installation of your system
  • The upgrades are installed onsite and can be planned and installed according to your schedule and synchronized across your fleet – minimizing the impact on your daily routine
  • The Evolve Program restores your system's compatibility with cybersecurity updates

Evolve to the latest available system software and access new clinical features. Benefit from proactive upgrade planning and hardware replacement. With the Evolve Program, we help you to

  • protect your investment and optimize operating costs
  • simplify technology management
  • improve patient outcomes and productivity

Learn more about the Evolve Program by downloading our digital flyer.

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Prerequisite: stable SRS connection with adequate bandwidth.