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Broaden your knowledge of breast tomosynthesis and contrast-enhanced mammography by participating in reading sessions and symposia at international congresses or as part of comprehensive classroom-based courses. We also offer autodidactic online training. Or, if you prefer learning in a clinical environment, you can also attend a course at one of our proven fellowship sites.

Get in contact with us on the following congresses:

At EUSOBI 2020 Online in the Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Thursday, 15.10.2020
50° Wide-Angle tomo biopsy: Tips and tricks for the clinical routine (45 min.)
The clinical use of stereotactic and tomosynthesis biopsy incl. case discussions
Luis Pina
, Pamplona, Spain

Register for 09:00 CEST or 17:00 CEST (free of charge)

Tuesday, 27.10.2020
Differential breast diagnosis: Case discussions based on state-of-the-art imaging (45 min.)
What do lesions look like on different breast imaging modalities?
Paola Clauser, Vienna, Austria

Register for 09:00 CEST or 17:00 CEST (free of charge)

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Breast Tomosynthesis and Contrast Enhanced Mammography Training

Due to the Corona Pandemic we unfortunately have to cancel the training in 2020.

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Find more information in this flyer: Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Intensive Training 0.3 MB

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Self-learning online trainings

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