MAGNETOM LuminaConfidence to deliver

MAGNETOM Lumina is the new 3T Open Bore system that gives you full confidence to deliver the productivity, reproducibility, and patient satisfaction that you demand in MRI. Powered by our premium MR technology, MAGNETOM Lumina combines our unique BioMatrix technology, the new syngo MR XA software platform and our exclusive Turbo Suite to fundamentally transform care delivery.

Features & Benefits

MAGNETOM LuminaNew Turbo SuiteGO technologiesInnovative service offeringsNew 3T magnetsyngo Virtual CockpitBioMatrix TunersBioMatrix technologymyExam AssistCoil portfolioDeep Resolve

    MAGNETOM Lumina

    MAGNETOM Lumina is designed with productivity written in its DNA. One great component is our new and groundbreaking acceleration technology Deep Resolve. Deep Resolve is an AI-powered image reconstruction technology that takes advantage of convolutional neural networks that accelerate MR scans, making them faster than ever before. Together with Turbo Suite and its acceleration techniques, MAGNETOM Lumina achieves the goal of reducing overall patient slot times. MAGNETOM Lumina offers further remarkable innovations to boost workflow efficiency. Powered by GO technologies, supported by Deep Resolve and AI, and with our innovative BioMatrix technology, numerous time-consuming workflow steps are significantly reduced through automation, providing you with full confidence to deliver productivity gains.

    MAGNETOM Lumina

    MAGNETOM Lumina is the key to a superior standard of consistent diagnostic results across your institution. With our unique myExam Assist for ten body regions3 and the innovative BioMatrix Tuners, highly standardized and reproducible scan results are consistently achieved. Striving also for consistency across your entire MR system fleet, our unified syngo MR XA software platform and the game-changing syngo Virtual Cockpit2 are the key to unleashing your institution’s huge potential, providing you with full confidence to deliver reproducible results.

    MAGNETOM Lumina

    MAGNETOM Lumina puts patients at greater ease. With our unique patient-centered coil portfolio powered by BioMatrix and Tim 4G technology, preparation and scanning are considerably simplified and shortened, providing you with full confidence to deliver patient satisfaction.

    Clinical Use

    Technical Specifications

    Magnet System

    Field strength

    3 Tesla

    Bore size

    70 cm Open Bore design

    Helium consumption

    Zero Helium boil-off technology

    Gradient strength8

    XK gradients 36/200 simultaneously [1.7 MVA]

    RF technology

    Maximum number of channels4


    Number of independent receiver channels that can be used
    simultaneously in one single scan and in one single FoV,
    each generating an independent partial image


    Power consumption

    Eco-Power technology

    Siting and Installation

    System length from cover to cover

    1.86 m

    System weight (in operation)

    7.35 tons

    Minimum room size5

    31 m²