MAGNETOM Amira - A BioMatrix System

MAGNETOM Amira - A BioMatrix System

No matter what

MAGNETOM Amira with BioMatrix technology is our new 1.5T scanner that helps you differentiate your institution by delivering high-quality imaging even with complex variables – no matter what. Based on BioMatrix and the new syngo MR XA platform and equipped with our latest applications the system truly transforms the way you deliver care to your patients, enabling reproducible high-quality results you can count on – no matter what.

MAGNETOM Amira – A BioMatrix System

Features & Benefits

MAGNETOM AlteaCompressed SensingDotGOBioMatrixSystem Start TimerSimultaneous Multi-SliceAnatomy adaptive coilssyngo MR XA platformGO applicationsEco-Power
    MAGNETOM Amira - A BioMatrix System - Consistent Quality

    Count on consistent quality with BioMatrix and DotGO

    Each patient is unique. And patient variability and movement can make acquiring a diagnostic MR image difficult. Inconsistency among operators can further affect quality. Having to rescan patients after a failed scan not only impacts patient satisfaction, it also adds to your costs. With BioMatrix technology and DotGO, you can count on MAGNETOM Amira to give you reliably consistent quality by capturing respiratory motion, adapting to challenging body regions for excellent homogeneity, and decreasing acquisition time.

    MAGNETOM Amira - A BioMatrix System - Financial Certainty

    Count on financial certainty productivity-boosting technologies

    Finding a way to reconcile productivity improvements and cost savings while providing high-quality care is a major challenge in today’s healthcare industry. Overwhelming workloads and operating costs can drive down profits from your MR operations. MAGNETOM Amira with BioMatrix provides financial security by increasing patient throughput and delivering high-quality results with Simultaneous Multi-Slice and GO applications – also available with the new Turbo Suite packages. In addition, Eco-Power reduces energy consumption by up to 30%1 when the system is in stand-by mode.

    MAGNETOM Amira - A BioMatrix System - Clinical Opportunities

    Count on new clinical opportunities with free-breathing applications

    To set yourself apart as a healthcare provider, you want to differentiate your institution through unique MRI services to attract more patients and referrers. MAGNETOM Amira with BioMatrix opens up new clinical capabilities that increase patient access to advanced MRI exams. Compressed Sensing provides a better patient experience by enabling free-breathing body and cardiac examinations – thereby transforming care delivery.

    Clinical Use

    Technical Details

    Magnet System


    Field strength

    1.5 Tesla

    Bore size

    60 cm

    Magnet length

    155 cm

    Helium consumption

    Zero Helium boil-off technology



    Gradient strength

    XF gradients 33mT/m and 125T/m/s simultaneously



    RF technology


    Maximum number of channels2


    Number of independent receiver channels that can be
    used simultaneously in one single scan and in one single
    FoV, each generating an independent partial image

    16, 24



    Power consumption

    Eco-Power technology



    Siting and Installation


    System length from cover to cover3

    168.5 cm

    System weight (in operation)

    4.56 tons

    Minimum room size4

    < 27.5 m2