syngo Dyna3D

3D Display for Angiography

syngo Dyna3D displays three-dimensional views of projection images acquired with an angiography system. Both subtracted and unsubtracted images may be used. The reconstructions result in maximum intensity projections (MIP) and volume renderings (VRT). A visualization image gallery provides fast and easy access to different display and shading effects.

In conjunction with the Artis zee C-arm system, 3D displays may be shown at the imaging system, making them available during interventional procedures. This accelerates workflow and increases the safety of interventional procedures. The intuitive syngo user interface simplifies the introduction to this new type of 3D reconstruction.

syngo Dyna3D
syngo Dyna3D

Key Benefits

  • Provides the radiologist with a 3D view of vascular structures
  • Helps determine spatial layout
  • Simplifies planning of surgical procedures
  • Aids in clarifying therapeutic measures to the patient


Time-saving procedure
The 3D function is operated at the patient’s side from the examination table. It is no longer necessary to leave the room.

Fast reconstruction
3D views are available on the monitor in the examination room only one to two minutes after the DYNAVISION sequence is acquired.

Easy orientation
When the 3D image is rotated, a C-arm icon is displayed on the monitor. Once the 3D image is positioned correctly, the C-arm can be moved automatically to the corresponding position.