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Siemens Healthineers at AAMI eXchange 2024

Phoenix, AZ

|Jun 14 – 17, 2024
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Conference Date: June 14-17, 2024

Venue: Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, AZ

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Time: Saturday (6/15) at 2:00pm & Sunday (6/16) at 1:15pm

Speakers: William “Glen” Carlisle, Product Portfolio Manager at Siemens Healthineers and Ty Greenhalgh, Industry Principal, Healthcare at Medigate by Claroty

Healthcare is the #1 target for cybersecurity attacks – costing millions in ransomware, PIH-leaks/settlements, downtime, and more.  Most teams are ill-equipped to resolve these vulnerabilities due to not knowing the scope on their network, and lacking both the expertise and governance required to address these unique Medical Devices.  From best-practices to ‘Best in KLAS’ technology, gain actionable insights on how you can make Medical Device Security an enabler instead of a blocker for your healthcare organization.

Showcasing the Consulting Benefit: Expertise of ES Consulting

Time: Saturday (6/15) at 1:15pm & Sunday (6/16) at 12:30pm

Speaker: John Zacharko, VP and Head of HTM at Siemens Healthineers 

Discover how HTM partnerships redefine biomedical excellence by empowering in-house service delivery with tailored support, advanced technology integration, and proactive risk mitigation. Supercharge your team's capabilities for unmatched efficiency, reliability, and innovation.

RTLS - Location Services - Animation

Time: Saturday (6/15) at 4:15pm and Sunday (6/16) at 2:45pm

Speaker: John Locastro, RTLS Practice Leader at Siemens Healthineers  

Learn how Next Generation RTLS optimizes equipment distribution processes to deliver the Right Equipment, In the Right Place, In the Right State, At the Right time with lightweight infrastructure, artificial intelligence and machine learning.  

teamplay Fleet Connect

Time: Friday (6/14) at 6:30pm & Sunday (6/16) at 3:30pm

Speaker: William “Glen” Carlisle, Product Portfolio Manager at Siemens Healthineers

Millions of hours are wasted every year due to manual data integration – reducing data quality and distracting from high-value tasks.  Explore the ways data and documents can be automatically integrated into your current tools to improve workflows, internal communication, new-hire onboarding, and audit readiness.  Whether reactive or proactive alerts, learn how you can gain real-time awareness of status, engineer and part ETAs, documentation, and more to optimize your Medical Device management.

Siemens Healthineers Shop is our dedicated eCommerce platform for ordering accessories and system parts online

Time: Saturday (6/15) at 12:30pm

Speaker: Suzanne Blevins, Online Services Project Manager at Siemens Healthineers

In this session, we invite you to embrace the future of spare parts management. Let's explore how our intuitive online platform can help you stay ahead of the curve while saving time, money, and energy. Join us and revolutionize your approach to spare parts management today!


Time: Friday (6/14) at 5:45PM

Speaker: Cassie Lund, Share360 Portfolio Manager at Siemens Healthineers

Share360 from Siemens Healthineers is designed to help your department meet its strategic goals, increase its efficiency, and work toward success. Working together, we can develop a tailored solution with flexible service agreements. By leveraging our expertise and resources across your Siemens Healthineers imaging fleet, you’re empowered to achieve your departmental goals and deliver seamless operational support.

Technician working while getting remote assistance

Time: Saturday (6/15) at 2:45PM

Speaker: Cassie Lund, Share360 Portfolio Manager at Siemens Healthineers and Jaymie Demianenko, Share360 Customer Services Manager at Siemens Healthineers 

Share360 from Siemens Healthineers provides customers the ability to fully manage equipment service and maintenance scheduling through access to our electronic virtual office. Build confidence and autonomy within your teams by providing easy access to support and Siemens Healthineers documentation. Our Share360 Assist team, comprised of Siemens Healthineers customer service professionals, provides customers an ease of conducting business thereby increasing equipment uptime!

Illustration of maintenance work on Healthcare imaging devices

Time: Saturday (6/15) at 3:30pmSunday (6/16) at 2:00pm

Speaker: Betsey Meyer, BSHA, RT(R)(CT)(M)(VI), Technical Training Program Manager at Siemens Healthineers

 In this session, you will learn how Siemens Healthineers works with our customers to provide system training that address their pain points of workforce sustainability, compliance with regulatory standards, and downtime mitigation. Join us to see how right-sized system training can make a positive impact for your biomedical and clinical engineering departments.

Get a sneak peek of the innovative service solutions at Booth #311 

Process & Organization Development
Technology Optimization Partnerships drive value by helping you optimize the performance of your medical technology fleet. Our strategic approach to multivendor service leverages connected solutions to help you improve equipment utilization, make data-driven decisions, and improve financial performance.

Technician educating fellow technicians on new equipment

Explore the 1000+ technical training courses and programs available in a variety of delivery methods:

  • Classroom training
  • Hands-on training
  • On-site training at customer’s facility
  • Virtual web-based training

planned maintenance DI MR

The Share360™ Portfolio consists of shared service agreements designed to help your department meet its strategic goals, increase its efficiency, and work toward success.  

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