Achieve New Levels of Patient Comfort and Scan Speed with a New MRI scanner!Modern MRI technology delivers new capabilities to image an ever changing and growing patient population.

Your Siemens Healthineers MR system is approaching or has reached an End of Support (EOS) status and we no longer can guarantee spare parts availability. This could lead to prolonged periods of downtime within your department.

It’s time to start looking for a new MR system that meets your future clinical, cybersecurity, and workflow demands. We are here to meet your needs. The updated MAGNETOM portfolio offers innovative technologies like Turbo Suite and BioMatrix functionality, enabling you to achieve exceptional speed, efficiency, and precision in MRI, ultimately helping you improve patient care and gain a stronger competitive edge.

To begin exploring the ideal MRI system to meet your clinical, operational and financial needs, please fill out the form below. You will be contacted by your local sales representative. New promotions are available, so let’s work together to find the MR system that will transform your care delivery.