Budget Assist - Siemens Financial ServicesAffordable funding for ancillary costs associated with the acquisition of Siemens Healthineers equipment.

Siemens Financial Services has expertise in many areas of the healthcare sector, financing vitally important equipment for infrastructure, and making treatment more widely available. Their in-depth knowledge of the healthcare sector and access to global financial markets combine to make them a dependable long-term partner.

Siemens Healthineers is committed to supporting healthcare providers in transforming care delivery, expanding precision medicine, digitalising healthcare and enhancing patient experiences.

Cost savings can be a welcome product of these changes; however, we know that the upfront cost of upgrading or replacing diagnostic imaging equipment can make it challenging for Trusts to enhance pathways and improve patient care without additional support.

Siemens Financial Services is able to provide assistance for equipment acquisition through its Budget Assist funding for both diagnostic imaging equipment and the associated equipment needed to support clinical workflow and enhanced productivity (i.e. workstations, enhanced PACS and RIS).

In addition, Budget Assist can also be used for funding ancillary costs associated with the acquisition of equipment, including enabling and building works.

Whether about to embark on a significant project or simply looking to upgrade important medical equipment, Budget Assist offers a financial solution specifically designed to support cash flow management within NHS Trusts.

Why choose Budget Assist - NHS Funding?

Developed by Siemens Healthineers with the needs of the NHS in mind, Budget Assist is simple to arrange and offers a great alternative to capital budget allocation, upfront payment or bank funding.

Budget Assist offers a fixed interest rate to help you simplify your budget management and is perfectly suited to fund building and installation costs, software, and other intangibles.

For further information please contact Siemens Financial Services on 01753 434555 where our healthcare financing team are on hand to offer advice as to the most suitable finance option for you.