Royal Oldham Hospital expands interventional radiology services with ARTIS icono ceiling

  • Royal Oldham Hospital is first in the UK to receive the ARTIS icono ceiling, increasing service offerings with a more flexible interventional suite.
  • Interventional radiologists benefit from improved image quality and technology to support enhanced accuracy and clinical confidence during complex procedures.
  • The ceiling-mounted system also supports the hospital in redirecting patients from high demand departments to enable some patients to be imaged sooner.

United Kingdom

ARTIS Icono at Royal Oldham
Jan Carlo Francisco – Radiographer, Lorraine Edgar - Lead Nurse, Suzanne Crutchley - Staff Nurse, Helena Hill - IR and Fluoro Manager, Dr R Narlawar - Consultant Radiologist, Jordan Hollingsworth – Radiographer, Karen Timms - Staff Nurse, Vickie Spencer - Lead Radiographer, Tom Hardman -Staff Nurse, Flore Obodou – Radiographer,  Nicola Curran – Radiographer, Bashir Siddiqi - Staff Nurse with the ARTIS Icono ceiling at Royal Oldham Hospital.

Royal Oldham Hospital, part of the Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust, has upgraded interventional radiology equipment, becoming the first in the UK to install the ARTIS icono ceiling from Siemens Healthineers. The new equipment allows Royal Oldham Hospital to expand their existing service offering to provide procedures not previously available at the hospital, whilst supporting the redirection of some patients away from its high-demand CT scanners.

Providing emergency and non-emergency interventional radiology services, Royal Oldham Hospital performs vascular and non-vascular work, with a variety of other procedures, from angioplasties to nephrostomies, liver biopsies, drainages and fibroid embolisations. The installation of the ARTIS icono enables the expansion of these services, replacing existing floor-mounted equipment with a ceiling-mounted system, offering greater flexibility in the interventional suite.

With the ARTIS icono ceiling in place, consultants have noticed a reduced number of digital subtraction angiography procedures needed during fibroid embolisation due to improved image quality. Furthermore, plans are underway to introduce a urology service to meet the needs of a cohort of patients currently not seen at Royal Oldham Hospital. Interventional radiologists hope to perform prostate artery embolisations, whilst the ceiling-mounted system also supports the redirection of patients away from high-demand CT scanners, allowing some patients to be imaged sooner on the ARTIS icono.

Supporting the addition of these new services, Omni Spin technology on the ARTIS icono, enables 3D image acquisition in as little as two and a half seconds1. Embolisation and needle guided procedures will benefit from submillimetre accuracy enabling consistently high image quality, accuracy, shorter procedure times and greater clinical confidence at the lowest reasonably achievable dose.

“The biggest difference we have seen since the implementation of the ARTIS icono ceiling at Royal Oldham Hospital is the improved image quality which can be achieved without increasing the radiation dose to patients,” states Helena Hill, Interventional Radiology and Fluoroscopy Manager at Royal Oldham Hospital. “The new equipment will enable us to do more, and the addition of needle guidance will support greater accuracy and clinical confidence in biopsies and complex procedures.”

“The ARTIS icono is designed for multidisciplinary use and we’re pleased to hear the first system in the UK is supporting Royal Oldham Hospital in both expanding its current procedural offering and addressing resource challenges facing other modalities,” states Giovanni Accardo, Head of Advanced Therapies at Siemens Healthineers Great Britain & Ireland.

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