Corpath® GRX

CorPath® GRXPrecision Vascular Robotics

Robotic-assisted intervention enables precise measurement of anatomy and device positioning - with the added benefit of radiation protection for the clinician - and reduces radiation exposure for staff and patients.

During a CorPath robotic-assisted intervention, clinicians can sit in a radiation-shielded workstation and use a set of joysticks and touchscreen controls, that translate their movements into precise device control.

A recent PRECISE trial* showed:

  • 97.6% clinical overall success rate with no reports of device-related complications.
  • The average radiation exposure to the Interventional Cardiologist decreased by 95.2%, compared to levels reported during standard interventions.

The CorPath GRX is the only CE marked and FDA cleared Robotic System for Coronary and Peripheral Vascular Interventions.

Please get in touch with Caroline Warhurst, Cardiology Business Manager for Great Britain & Ireland, if you have any enquiries or would like to have a discussion about the CorPath GRX system.