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PlatinumTomoThe new breed of tomosynthesis in breast imaging

Thanks to PlatinumTomo technology, MAMMOMAT B.brilliant offers a completely new kind of tomosynthesis imaging. PlatinumTomo combines the benefits of 50° Wide-Angle Tomosynthesis with the first flying focal spot tube in mammography, a cutting-edge detector, and a completely new image reconstruction framework.

  • The highest depth resolution in mammography,1 thanks to proven 50° Wide-Angle Tomosynthesis
  • Excellent in-plane resolution thanks to our new and unique flying focal spot technology
  • Comfortable transition from 2D and narrow-angle systems thanks to customizable image flavors
  • Unprecedented quality of synthesized 2D images thanks to AI-powered algorithms in image reconstruction

The result: excellent outcomes for breast care professionals, for radiologists, and most importantly, for the many women and their families personally affected by breast cancer.

50° Wide-Angle Tomosynthesis

Overcome diagnostic challenges like overlapping tissue with the highest mass detectability2 and a depth resolution that's 3.5 times higher than with a narrow angle.1 50° Wide-Angle Tomosynthesis provides an increased detection rate of 43 percent for invasive cancer with a single 1-view tomosynthesis scan as well as a 15 percent dose reduction.1,3

Cutting-edge hardware components

Our unique flying focal spot technology aims to deliver an FFDM-like in-plane resolution in tomosynthesis slices. Thanks to the flying focal-spot tube, the focal spot remains static while the tube is moving. This ground-breaking technology gives you an in-plane resolution unprecedented in tomosynthesis imaging and an impressive scan time of up to 5 seconds4 for a 50° scan.

The MAMMOMAT B.brilliant is equipped with a new, cutting-edge detector.

Our new detector features a fast read-out time that contributes to the MAMMOMAT B.brilliant's decreased tomosynthesis scan time. It's not just the low scan and compression time that are enabled by the advanced technology in the detector. Your patients and technologists will also benefit from the slim that provides sufficient space for the patient to stand comfortably and offers easy wheelchair accessibility.

Efficient high-end software

PREMIA image recontruction brings unprecedented image quality to tomosynthesis and synthesized 2D and 3D images. Its advanced framework of algorithms is designed to reduce artifacts and improve the visibility of pathologies (like calcifications and lesions) for a more confident diagnosis. Thanks to PREMIA, it's easy to stay with your personal routines and preferences when transferring from another system to the MAMMOMAT B.brilliant. Customizable image impressions for tomosynthesis, FFDM, and synthesized 2D and 3D images will help you make accurate diagnoses for your patients.

Our improved image reconstruction framework:


    breast scan
    Study ID: 1aac758

    The new standard for synthetic mammograms 
    Thanks to our new PREMIA image reconstruction algorithm that comes with AI-powered denoising, Insight 2D brings you a synthetic mammogram that looks more like an FFDM image than ever before.5

    breast scan
    Study ID: 1aac758

    The only rotating 3D mammogram 
    Freely adjust the rotation angle on your 3D mammogram to improve orientation and visualization of the pathology.

    Clinical proof


    The impact of the angular range on digital breast tomosynthesis.6
    What do our clinical experts have to say?

    Scientifically proven

    Clinically validated, 50° Wide-Angle Tomosynthesis increases diagnostic certainty with highly defined tissue and lesion morphology in unprecedented detail. Get more clinical evidence:

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