Breast 4

Features & Benefits


  • 4-element design with 4 integrated preamplifiers
  • Padded for imaging in prone position
  • Stabilizing pads for wide anatomical variations
  • Mediolateral compression capability
  • No coil tuning
  • iPAT-compatible


  • Simultaneous imaging of both breasts in all directions
  • Axillar imaging elements
  • High-resolution 2D and 3D imaging
  • For quantitative spectroscopy (GRACE) a reference bottle can be inserted

Possible Combinations:
Typically combined with:

  • Flex Large 4 (optional)
  • Flex Small 4 (optional)
  • Body 6
  • Body 13

Technical Data:

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 500 x 520 x 135
  • Weight: 7.5 kg

General Requirements

Please Note: Additional technical prerequisites may apply. Upon receiving your request, your local Siemens representative will clarify whether your system meets the requirements

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