Deep Resolve Sharp

Features & Benefits

Deep Resolve Sharp1 is an AI-powered image reconstruction technology with a deep neural network at its core that increases the sharpness of the image. The neural network was trained by comparing a vast amount of high- and low-resolution data. Within the reconstruction pipeline, Deep Resolve Sharp generates a high-resolution image from low-resolution input. The inclusion of the acquired raw data in the reconstruction process ensures clinically robust results.

Your benefits:

  • Increased image sharpness using a deep neural network.
  • Speed up image acquisition without sacrificing image quality.
  • Increase the in-plane Matrix size by up to a factor of two along each axis for a clearer depiction of small structures.

General Requirements


  • MAGNETOM Altea
  • MAGNETOM Free.Max
  • MAGNETOM Lumina
  • MAGNETOM Vida Fit2

Minimum Software Version

syngo MR XA31A


Additional technical prerequisites may apply. Upon receiving your request, your local Siemens representative will clarify whether your system meets the requirements.

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