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syngo.viaPowerful reading. Actionable results. Reading as it should be.

Watch here how Centre Hospitalier Regional de la Citadelle, Universitätsspital Basel, and Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust benefit from syngo.via by making their tasks more convenient and efficient (Video length: 3:01). 

Pressure and workload in radiology are constantly rising: more cases per day, more cost pressure, higher expectations.

Let’s advance the digitalization of healthcare with syngo.via1. As an intelligent, integrated imaging software, syngo.via helps you address and overcome these issues. With syngo.via, we focus on streamlining the processes around reading and reporting. syngo.via unifies and centralizes intelligent tools in a powerful diagnostic workflow to make your routine tasks more convenient and efficient. At the same time, syngo.via optimizes report creation by integrating established solution with real-time findings transfer. It delivers actionable image-based results that are consolidated in one high-quality report.

Features & Benefits

Powerful tools in syngo.via help you simplify your diagnostic process – both for advanced visualization and routine reading. syngo.via seamlessly integrates advanced tools and algorithms. As a result, it offers a centralized, intelligent, and customizable control center with everything in one place.
Reduce complexity, increase productivity – let syngo.via help you advance digitalization in healthcare.

syngo.via offers multi-modality reading and fast 3D results to speed up daily routine. It includes latest innovations and AI-enabled features that take your reading and report creation to the next level. In addition, syngo.via OpenApps2 enables you to extend your reading capabilities with an open platform.


Multi-modality reading and reporting to speed up your daily routine. 

Watch the video of Dr. Julien Bruyere from the CHR de la Citadelle Liege, Belgium to find out more (Video length: 1:24). 


Optimized loading performance for even better routine reading

  • Speed up your routine reading capabilities with the constantly improved MM Reading workflow

Simple and intuitive UI and series handling

  • Drag & drop your panels to customize your user interface and maximize your image space
  • Simple creation and saving of layouts for multiple series

Routine tools ready to cover even more in MM Reading

  • Interactive Spectral Imaging goes routine – use the most common Dual Energy application classes with one click to take advantage of additional diagnostic information
  • MM Reading supports basic MR image reading including MRI general & composing tools
  • CT Lung Change Visualization provides a color-coded overlay to quickly review and assess changes in density across different time points
  • Lesion Quantification provides an automatic or manual 3D segmentation and quantification of lung nodules based on lung nodule types

Artificial intelligence leveraging healthcare powered by syngo.via

  • Broad AI-driven portfolio across multiple modalities for routine reading from us as a pioneer in AI development for more than 20 years
  • Anatomical Intelligence, like the ALPHA technology automatically detects anatomical landmarks and structures in medical images
  • Rapid Results technology improves your efficiency with standardized and consistent image quality independent of operator
  • Postprocessing becomes part of the standard reconstruction task

Enabling you to boost your diagnostic performance with the latest technologies.

Watch the video of Dr. Tobias Heye and Prof. Dr. Elmar Merkle from University hospital Basel, Switzerland (Video length: 2:06). 

Cinematic Rendering – jaw-dropping images become interactive

  • Interactive Cinematic renderings in full resolution mode for enhanced communication possibilities

Similar Patient Search2

  • Similar Patient Search allows direct access to similar reference cases with focus on interstitial lung diseases 
  • In addition, it includes valuable clinical information from our partner Thieme eRef to improve confidence and speed up the diagnostic process

syngo.via OpenApps – your gateway to innovation

  • syngo.via OpenApps provides you direct and open access to an ever-growing variety of clinical applications from Siemens Healthineers and our partners – directly on your syngo.via

Integrating seamlessly into your IT environment and growing with all your medical and operational needs.

Watch the video of Dr. Geoff Charles-Edwards from Guy's and St. Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, London, United Kingdom (Video length: 1:32).

Flexible subscription offering allows you to optimize costs and value of your syngo.via system

  • Flexible access to modality packages and broad clinical capabilities
  • Evergreen solution incl. service and training plan with easy extension of users and contract
  • Transparent budget planning and operationalization of costs

Broaden your virtualization possibilities

  • Optimize your IT infrastructure with the flexible syngo.via virtualized deployments

syngo.via streamlines your reporting. By collaborating with market leaders in reporting and EHR, Siemens Healthineers aims to offer guideline support for a variety of clinical use cases. Automatic, real-time findings integration and intelligent support assist you in generating structured and consistent reports. syngo.via provides you with actionable image-based results to navigate care delivery.

Schematic overview of data exchange between reading, reporting and EHR. Create actionable results through automated creation of structured reports that transform care delivery with syngo.via

Clinical Use

Find out more about a single imaging software for all key clinical specialties and tasks: syngo.via. It offers you a complete suite of applications and tools for 3D reading and advanced visualization – from general radiology to oncology, from cardiovascular care to neurology.

syngo.via in Oncology

Discover the 360° view for treatment decisions in oncology. By providing a comprehensive and integrated imaging platform, advanced visualization tools, and efficient data sharing capabilities designed for oncology reading, syngo.via supports important milestones of the cancer path: from screening over diagnosis to follow-up.

Clinical Image: Cardiovascular Care

syngo.via can help you deliver high-quality cardiovascular care – efficiently. It equips you with comprehensive cardiovascular workflows and applications for evaluating images from multiple modalities.

Clinical Image: Neurology

syngo.via provides 3D reading tools for threatening diseases in neurology, for example brain tumors, stroke, and dementias.

Clinical Image: Nuclear Medicine

syngo.via provides 3D reading tools for threatening diseases in neurology, for example brain tumors, stroke, and dementias.

syngo.via imaging software is a true multi-modality solution for a fast, reliable, and seamless performance across all modalities. 

Raise your hospital standards to the next level and discover the benefits of syngo.via for your modalities.

Clinical Image CT

syngo.via imaging software provides you with an excellent base for optimal diagnosis and therapy decisions. 

Clinical Image: MRI

Optimize and accelerate your entire MRI workflow, and consistently turn image quality into diagnostic value for your patients with syngo.via. Make your clinical routine more flexible, efficient, and intelligent. 

Clinical Image: PET/CT and SPECT/CT

syngo.via imaging software offers a complete suite of molecular imaging applications for oncology, cardiology, neurology, and nuclear medicine. Facilitate multimodality image fusion, quantification, and reproducibility of results.

Clinical Image: Mammography

Mammography screening and diagnostics entail the reading of hundreds of images from different modalities every day. syngo.via helps you to increase your process efficiency while maintaining a high standard of care – with real-time multimodality analytics, powerful next-gen AI tools and further comprehensive functionalities in one view.