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eHealth SolutionsDigital solutions for care collaboration and patient engagement

eHealth Solutions applications are based on an interoperable, system and vendor-neutral platform to enable cross-organizational health data exchange. This facilitates close collaboration and communication across care teams as well as with patients, aiming at achieving better and more timely outcomes:

  • Accelerate productivity by providing physicians summarized and specific information at their fingertips
  • Facilitate interactions between care teams along with their patients for timely and precise decision-making
  • Empower patients to actively engage in their own healthcare to enable meaningful participation

eHealth Solutions

Siemens Healthineers product line eHealth Solutions comprises Health Information Exchange/Interoperability and applications for Care Collaboration and Patient Engagement.

overcoming boundaries in digital care

Health Information Exchange

To establish a seamless health information exchange experience, the solid, sustainable and scalable platform combines isolated data silos of different healthcare providers, supporting relevant interoperability standards. This is the baseline for building digital end-to-end workflows.

Care Collaboration eHealth

Care Collaboration

Facilitate interactions between care teams along with patients and empower physicians with complete, summarized, and very specific information in a single view, allowing them to focus on their patients.
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Patient Engagement

Empower patients to actively engage in their own healthcare to enable meaningful participation thus accelerating time to treatment.


Putting the patient in the center of care

Patients are treated by numerous health professionals from various institutions that all need to collaborate with each other to make the best care decisions and provide ideal treatment to their patients. This requires exchanging data and expertise, such as insights into past findings, pre-medications, laboratory, and radiology data, as well as vital signs. To achieve this, eHealth applications aggregate the data in a contextual manner, embedded in clinical workflows.

improve patient engagement

Maintaining continuous and meaningful communication with patients can reduce the risk of patients deviating from treatment and adherence to care plans as well as medications can be facilitated. Ultimately, a stronger relationship and active engagement can lead to improved patient health, wellness, and satisfaction.

Health Information Exchange Platform

Health Information Exchange

The vendor- and system-neutral HIE platform, comprising eHealth Solutions Infrastructure components, helps to build more connected healthcare systems by removing barriers, aggregating data, and by breaking down data silos, whilst helping to protect patient privacy. Healthcare providers can transform data into insights, potentially leading to improved quality outcomes and better decision-making. By fostering interoperability across different institutions and sectors, digital transformation for operational efficiency and clinical effectiveness is enabled. Data-rich longitudinal views of the patient journey help improve care delivery.

Over the course of a lifetime, a person has contact with a variety of health service providers, such as check-ups, examinations and inpatient stays. This sequence of health-related points of contact is also referred to as the “lifelong health journey” or “patient journey”.

With all the health-related touchpoints, the IT systems of healthcare facilities generate not only findings, images, and prescriptions, but also extensive documentation: a multitude of data. Harmonizing, aggregating, storing, and sharing this data between healthcare facilities could be of crucial, often even life-saving importance for patients. Data availability and collaborative workflows could lead to significant time and cost savings for new examinations and massive improvements in response time.

This is exactly where eHealth Solutions comes in.

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    Siemens Healthineers has been strengthening data security connections, optimizing hospital workflows, and more with our digital solutions for care collaboration and patient engagement throughout the world. Here are a few stories highlighting the benefits customers have already experienced.


    Find out more about digitalizing healthcare in Europe

    Patients in the center of Vinzenz Gruppe’s digital healthcare services

    By the utilization of the eHealth Solutions platform and patient engagement applications, Vinzenz Gruppe now provides a multitude of healthcare services online. Their fully branded patient portal “Hallo Gesundheit” is a digital assistant designed to cater patients’ needs and streamline appointment management, access to medical records, and telehealth consultations – making healthcare more accessible, convenient, and efficient. Watch the video above or download the full success story. 

    Gemeinnützige Salzburger Landeskliniken (SALK)

    Virtual patient visits overcome mountainous challenges

    Our customer, Gemeinnützige Salzburger Landeskliniken (SALK), is leading the way in healthcare innovation in Austria. Together with Siemens Healthineers and our eHealth Virtual Visit technology, SALK has developed a digital platform that grants patients access to remote care and groundbreaking telehealth solutions. SALK is embracing technology to create patient-centric solutions, which is the way forward in modern healthcare. 

    Salzburger Landeskliniken (SALK)

    Digitalization of healthcare and expanding access to care in Salzburg, Austria

    Learn how the “Online Consultation” Project is driving the digitalization of Salzburger Landeskliniken (SALK) and enabling virtual patient care to improve patient experience and expand access to healthcare by utilizing eHealth Virtual Visit.

    Siemens Healthineers assists Swiss Post with eHealth solution for electronic health records

    Siemens Healthineers assists Swiss Post with eHealth solution for electronic health records

    In 2018, Siemens Healthineers was already working with companies to further their virtual care tools with Swiss Post. Their eHealth solution, which provides secure networking between patients and healthcare providers, worked in partnership with Siemens Healthineers to enable more services to be provided for its customers.

    Latin America

    Find out more about digitalizing healthcare in Latin America

    Chilean healthcare provider adopts digital processes

    Learn more about how patients at Clínica Alemana Osorno, located in Southern Chile, now have access to fully digital care pathways built with our suite of eHealth Solutions. Clinica Alemana Osorno’s strategy for digital transformation is a great success that demonstrates how digital solutions can eliminate friction and inefficiencies from operations and positively impact a patient's care path. 

    Exterior view of Clínica Costanera Valdivia, Chile

    Patient-centered healthcare far from the capital city

    Clínica Costanera Valdivia, which sits around 800km south of the capital wants to provide residents of Valdivia and the surrounding region with the same level of healthcare they would get in Santiago.

    Learn how the partnership evolved from imaging to comprehensive digital transformation with seamless health information exchange across medical disciplines.

    Andes Salud Chile

    eHealth expert talk with Gonzalo Grebe Noguera

    Through using eHealth Virtual Visit, Grebe Noguera is establishing telehealth as a way to follow through on the strategic plan set by the hospital network’s new owners. The CEO’s goals are clear: offer new medical services and products, improve patient experience, and more for the private hospital network in Chile.


    The Informative Medical Journal

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