Get two steps ahead with Dual Source CT

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Get two steps ahead in clinical excellence, workflow performance, and expert leadership. Our Dual Source CT scanner SOMATOM Force enables new levels of image quality, clinical outcomes, and ultimately precision medicine. Intelligent automation supports safe, standardized, and highly performant workflows – allowing reproducible precision. And thinking beyond today, you’re connected to the future with an ever-growing expert community and exclusive access to our advanced research environment.

Features & Benefits

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Discover the interactive SOMATOM Force brochure. It offers a wealth of information about our CT scanner and interactive content, including image galleries and movies.1 The digital brochure is available as both iPDF and ePUB format.

  • Enjoy the SOMATOM Force interactive brochure on your desktop computer or on the go, using your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or dedicated e-reader device.
  • The iPDF requires the free Acrobat Reader. The ePUB file can be opened with an e-book reader, a reader app, a Mac computer, or an iPhone.
  • You can download the interactive brochure for offline reading.
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 1Internet connection is required to view the linked movies.


Get two steps ahead in clinical excellence

SOMATOM Force supports high-precision diagnosis, reliable therapy response evaluation, and improved care for every individual.

  • Bring image quality to the next level – with free-breathing and powerful imaging: Scan obese, elderly, unconscious or uncooperative patients without sedation, minimized motion artifacts, and high-resolution imaging.
  • Improve patient care – with gentle and ultra-low-dose scanning: With SOMATOM Force, you can reduce the amount of contrast media required, leading to improved patient well-being.
  • Make sound decisions – with 4D imaging at half the dose and dose-neutral Dual Energy: With 4D imaging and Dual Energy CT, you get high-quality images rich in information for more precise decisions – at low dose.


Get two steps ahead in workflow performance

Get consistent images with our FAST Integrated Workflow and adapt scanning parameters to offer patients personalized scanning.

  • Position patients precisely – with FAST Integrated Workflow: Our FAST 3D Camera supports fast, accurate positioning and the Touch Panels allow you to stay with your patient.
  • Accommodate the smallest to the tallest – with personalized scanning: Outstanding speed, power reserves, and sensitivity: SOMATOM Force adapts to every need. And smart automation adjusts scan parameters to every individual.
  • Zero-click postprocessing with Rapid Results: Get zero-click postprocessing within the selected scan protocol, and fast and reproducible results – independent of operator skills.


Get two steps ahead in expert leadership

Increase your reputation by spearheading medical innovation – and share advanced clinical knowledge in a circle of peer experts.

  • Advance your research – with professional tools: Develop and share algorithms, test reading prototypes, and explore new trends in our syngo.via Frontier1 research environment.
  • Connect with peers and lead a global community: Gain access to a community of clinical experts that regularly shares knowledge and the latest medical developments peer-to-peer.
  • Expand your capabilities and rethink your way of working: With Dual Source imaging, CT started to transform care delivery. One of the most prominent examples of change is trauma imaging.


Clinical Use

Dynamic myocardial perfusion

Watch Koen Nieman, MD PhD, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands and learn how to do a dynamic myocardial perfusion

Technical Specifications

X-ray tubes2 x VectronTM X-ray tubes

2 x StellarInfinity detectors with anti-scatter 3D collimator grid

Number of acquired slices 384 (2 × 192) slices
Rotation time up to 0.25 s1
Temporal resolution up to 66 ms1
Generator power 240 kW (2 x 120 kW)
kV settings70 – 150 kV, in steps of 10 kV
Spatial resolution 0.24 mm1
Max. scan speed 737 mm/s1 with Turbo Flash
Table load up to 307 kg/676 lbs1
Gantry opening 78 cm



Further optional highlights: FAST Integrated Workflow, FAST 3D Camera, iMAR, Dual Energy and Adaptive 4D Spiral (up to 80 cm for dynamic angio)

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