NeurosurgeryOptimizing precision in cranial neurosurgical procedures

Performing vascular and stereotactic neurosurgery requires extreme attention to details. Even the smallest deviations during the procedure may have a significant impact on functional and clinical outcomes for the patient. In addition to standardized intraoperative processes, precise visualization of the brain anatomy using high-resolution imaging systems can be crucial for procedures.

Our imaging solutions provide excellent 2D and 3D data for guiding minimally invasive procedures and assessing outcomes. With the ability to perform digital subtraction angiography of the brain and CT-like 3D imaging of anatomical structures intraoperatively, you are ready to enhance the safety and quality of your neurosurgical procedures.

ARTIS pheno helps optimize clinical operations in your Hybrid OR thanks to high-quality image guidance during the procedure and intraoperative assessment of results for greater workflow efficiency.

Advanced Therapies - Neurosurgery - Emergency

ARTIS pheno allows you to focus on optimal electrode placement. Additionally to the stereotactic frame, the system offers live image guidance and shows you the positioning results immediately, eliminating the need for transporting the patient to the radiology department for a postoperative CT scan.

Cranial AVM resection

ARTIS pheno helps you ensure the complete removal of arteriovenous malformations (AVMs). A key difficulty when performing microsurgical excisions is that the preoperative location of lesions changes due to brain shift. With our robot-supported 3D imaging system, you can identify the actual anatomical landmarks intraoperatively. This means you get detailed views of the vessel anatomy during surgery. ARTIS pheno also allows you to perform intraoperative quality control to detect remaining malformations while the patient is still on the OR table.

Advanced Therapies - Neurosurgery - Vascular Malformations

With our imaging systems, you can optimize endovascular treatment of cerebral aneurysms as well as perform intraoperative assessment of aneurysm clip placement. Our angiography systems provide excellent coverage of the relevant area and deliver comprehensive, highly detailed 2D and 3D views of blood vessels in the brain to support informed decision-making. Thanks to the positioning flexibility of the systems, clinicians have easy patient access throughout the procedure. Verifying the treatment results with a final intraoperative 3D image allows you to make corrections while the patient is still in the OR.

Balloon test occlusion with multimodality solution

Nexaris Angio-CT combines an angiography system and a CT scanner in a single solution to expand your clinical possibilities. In a small study* with seven patients, they evaluated the permanent therapeutic occlusion at cerebral aneurysm or skull base tumors. To check the collateral flow, a balloon test occlusion together with perfusion CT imaging was performed. Nexaris Angio-CT allows you to accomplish this procedure in a single session and without transferring the patient. Neurosurgeons have reported excellent time-attenuation curves in one study, thanks to the decrease in contrast medium and radiation dose applied.

Advanced Therapies - Neurosurgery - Aneurysm Treatments

Nexaris MR provides real-time intraoperative MR imaging for assessing tumor resection results, helping you ensure accurate functional preservation when treating cerebral gliomas or pituitary adenomas. In one study*, neurosurgeons report that the high-quality intraoperative MRI guidance allowed them to modify their surgical strategy intraoperatively. Furthermore, the availability of structural and functional imaging information improved the safety of brain surgery.