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Design PlanningPlanning healthcare facilities and improving patient experience with Value Partnerships.

Creating an efficient and pleasant hospital environment for patients and staff is a supreme discipline

Healthcare environments continue to evolve, with new pressures from patients, staff, and payers driving care providers to be more human-centric and value driven. Meeting the challenges of today’s healthcare markets require a reexamination of the way care facilities are planned, designed, built, and operated to transform care delivery, and improve patient experience.
Digital technologies are a significant solution for enabling optimization of proposed as well as are existing facilities. Digital Workflow tools, and Virtual Reality (VR) simulations, can offer end-users and design planning staff a realistic view of the conceptual design. This enables them to optimize the efficiency and satisfaction of both patients and staff before committing to “real world” actions. These tools are part of a larger shift toward digitalizing healthcare, which will enable data-based decision-making on both clinical and non-clinical topics.

Creating an efficient and pleasant hospital environment for patients and staff is a supreme discipline.

Design Planning - Key Offerings - Complexity of Hospitals

Complexity of hospitals

shows of already at the design phase. It can be a huge challenge to consider all factors that create well-constructed facilities and efficient processes.
Design Planning - Key Offerings - Discipline-Specific Requiremens

Discipline-specific requirements

increase the complexity of designing hospitals and creating layouts that meet needs of all staff and patients while reducing operational costs.
Design Planning - Key Offerings - Variety of Stakeholders

Variety of stakeholder

creates the need for a unique combination of architectural, medical and technological knowledge. Those experts have to work together in one team.

Our Value Partnerships for Design Planning create efficient layouts around the world

We aim to be your partner of choice to design healthcare sites around the world.

Our expertise:

  • > 7,300 projects in 78 countries worldwide
  • > 600 multi-modality and departmental layout solutions
  • Interdisciplinary team of 60 medical planners, architects, 3D experts, workflow specialists, and CAD- and software developer. Furthermore, we closely collaborate with our Value Partners for Healthcare Consulting

We offer:

  • Greenfield and brownfield solutions
  • Layout review, redesign and design from the scratch
  • Workflow simulation and visualization tools
  • Decades of experience

Partner with Siemens Healthineers too optimize healthcare layouts and transform care delivery

Siemens Healthineers is more than a leading medical technology provider; we are also a trusted partner in facility planning and design. The company has a track record of working with cross-functional teams to develop innovative care facilities and healing environments.

Layout solutions for all clinical departments optimize processes enterprise-wide beyond technology

Value creation for all stakeholders

  • Healing environment e.g. orientation, access to daylight
  • Excellent patient experience e.g. path optimization, special cultural requirements
  • Great working environment e.g. improved procedures, pathways
Siemens Healthineers Layout Solutions

State-of-the-art and flexible design

  • Technology adaption e.g. technology replacement
  • Future growth strategy e.g. usage, throughput, size, patient population
  • Cost saving e.g. space & functionality, avoid redesign while construction phase

Our solutions for value-creating layouts

Our joint process using the Lean methodology to create a new, validated, and value-creating layout

Siemens Healthineers Optimized design for modalities and clinical departments

Our longtime expertise in modality planning

  • Computed tomography
  • Magnetic resonance
  • X-ray, women’s health, and urology
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Molecular imaging 
  • Advanced therapies including hybrid operating rooms
  • Laboratory automation

enables technology-adjusted, optimal workflows and departments.

Digital Workflow to optimize healthcare processes and patient pathways

The Digital Workflow practice brings together all essential planning elements in a virtual workflow simulation environment: 3D layout, clinical processes, and performance parameters.

Our Digital Workflow practice helps you achieve high-quality outcomes in a cost-effective manner. It allows you to predict the impact of operational changes in a protected and virtual 3D environment by forecasting processes and layouts of your institution.

Design Planning Process

A digital twin of your facility integrates patient pathways, staff scheduling and movements, utilization and performance data from diagnostic equipment, and other data sources to build a dynamic and comprehensive model that you can use as a testbed. Use the power of the digital twin simulation to assess various scenarios and predict their operational and financial impact, allowing your institution to optimally allocate efforts and drive change with confidence.

In addition, Digital Workflows can be used to conduct virtual stress tests to examine the robustness of operations (for example, increasing patient volumes, more complex patients, staff shortage).

Our 3D and VR tools are as flexible as you providing you with a realistic layout experience

Siemens Healthineers 3D-Tool Images


Photo-realistic 3D images help to understand the room layout and arrangement of the components.

Siemens Healthineers 3D-Tool Video


A high-resolution video fly through enables you to explore your project before it’s built.

Siemens Healthineers 3D-Tool SitePlanner


The SitePlanner combines 3D features with Virtual Reality making changes visible in real-time.


Modern visualization solutions, including tools like virtual reality enable you to experience your future department before construction has even begun. This is especially useful for bringing to life those fewer tangible factors – like atmosphere, light, space, and privacy – that are more effectively designed in visualized form than in plane 2D layouts.

Users and even patients can experience the proposed environment as they virtually walk around the finished hospital department. Using interactive planning tools with a VR interface allows us to design process-oriented and human-centric layout solutions in close collaboration with you, our customers.

SitePlanner Mobile1

Value Partnerships - Facility - Design Planning - SitePlanner Mobile

brings a brand-new experience to you:

  • Explore examples of rooms equipped with medical devices from Siemens Healthineers systems in realistic 3D
  • Switch between different modalities from diagnostic imaging, advanced therapies and laboratory to get an impression of our portfolio and the real room dimensions
  • Try the built-in augmented reality features for an immersive experience at your fingertips
  • Experience interactive project reviews with customized scenes

See what your peers achieved

A Value Partnership for Design Planning brings together the right blend of competencies under a single partnership contract, unlocking significant operational efficiencies. This enables a more efficient use of facilities and leads to greater staff satisfaction, better clinical outcomes and a more positive patient experience.
Read how KSB created an efficient and healing environment to enhance patient and staff satisfaction.

Kantonsspital Baden (KSB), Switzerland asked the Siemens Healthineers team for professional design advice on its new imaging center. Now, the joint team has designed a new departmental layout KSB can be proud of. It is well positioned to remain effective for many years to come, with an environment that is healing for patients and pleasant for staff.

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