Asset Planning SessionMaximize the potential of your Siemens systems with an Asset Planning Session

News from Siemens at RSNA 2015:
How can you maximize the potential of your installed systems? In an Asset Planning Session we will objectively evaluate key demographics and trends in your market, and compare your own business with industry benchmarks to help you address your challenges more effectively. Learn more about it within this video.

What’s the best way to reduce the structural cost of healthcare delivery with your existing imaging systems?

This is not a question you have to answer on your own. Through our Asset Planning Session we will work with you to critically evaluate your asset’s performance and create a plan so you keep pace with innovation, improve workflows, expand your clinical capabilities and stay competitive without necessarily investing in new systems.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Improve your workflow
  • Expand your clinical capabilities
  • Stay competitive
  • Keep pace with innovations without new investments
  • Receive personalized data and benchmarking
  • Improve standard of care
  • Save money and still expand
  • Benefit from Siemens as a reliable partner


Our Asset Planning Session helps identify areas and means to extend the life of your installed systems and plan your investments accordingly. Resulting from this discussion we will create a scalable and personalized Asset Management Plan that aligns to your organization‘s size, overall business and clinical strategy.