Natriuretic peptides and heart failure: clinical practice application now and in the future

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The use of natriuretic peptide testing in clinical practice provides information that may not be obvious at the patient’s bedside. This online seminar discusses the latest clinical application of natriuretic peptides, examining how testing may support clinical judgment, reduce cost, and decrease serious medical events. In addition, this seminar will include an exploration of the relationship between natriuretic peptide levels and guideline-directed medical therapy in the inpatient and outpatient settings.

James Januzzi MD

Dr. James Januzzi, 
MD Harvard Medical School 

Dr. James Januzzi, MD, is Hutter Family Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Cardiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital and Senior Cardiometabolic Faculty at Baim Institute for Clinical Research. His research has contributed to the understanding of cardiac biomarker testing and has played a role in setting international standards used in the diagnosis, prognosis and management of heart failure patients.

  • Review the use of natriuretic peptide testing in the diagnosis and determination of disease severity for heart failure
  • Identify the latest trends for use of natriuretic peptide testing in today’s clinical practice
  • Examine the potential use of natriuretic peptides in relation to guideline-directed medical therapy
Physicians, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, laboratorians, pathologists, biologists, medical technologists

Attendees are entitled to P.A.C.E. credits from the ASCLS and/or ACCENT credits from the AACC.