EMIT 2000 Sirolimus Assay

Monitoring sirolimus levels in transplant patients is essential to ensuring the delicate balance between appropriate immunosuppression and transplant rejection. With the EMIT® 2000 sirolimus method, laboratories have a flexible and convenient solution to help clinicians effectively manage sirolimus therapy in their transplant patients.



  • Simple sample pretreatment
  • Results in as little as 14 minutes
  • No reagent preparation required
  • Correlates to LC/MS/MS



  • Streamlined ISD monitoring and enhanced productivity
  • Benefit from up to 4 different ISD methods on one single V-Twin® or Viva-E® drug testing system*

Assay Specifications

  Emit 2000 SIRO Assay
Product Code 8S019UL
Sample Type EDTA Whole Blood
Pretreatment Manual
Reportable Range 3.5 -30 ng/mL
Calibration With new reagent lot
Reagent Stability Opened at 2-8° C: 4 weeks


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