Continuous introductions of innovative technologies

Siemens and its predecessors have been powering up hemostasis laboratories around the world for more than 30 years. We’ve made a difference in patient care through the continuous introduction of innovative technologies.

  • Our Dade® Innovin® assay is a widely used recombinant thromboplastin providing consistency and, with an ISI value of approximately 1.0, demonstrates excellent correlation with the World Health Organization standard.
  • The PFA-100® System is the only platelet function analyzer of its kind. It has become the standard of care for screening of vWD.
  • We offer an unsurpassed Quality Assurance Program—the largest peer group comparison reports with real time access making quality control simple.*
  • Our ETP** assay is the first standardized, automated assay on a coagulation system for endogenous thrombin potential. This novel reagent is creating new opportunities in the assessment of thrombin.