Atellica PM 1.0 SoftwareLaboratory management system keeps your lab up and running–without running around.

Atellica™ PM 1.0 Software is a lab process management software that will simplify how you manage laboratory operations. Now you can manage alerts, remotely control instruments, and monitor onboard inventory and testing progress―all from one screen.

  • Monitor and manage lab processes from both inside and outside the clinical lab with real-time visual cues and alerts.
  • Maintain control over laboratory operations at all times by viewing, navigating, and operating connected instruments* as if you were standing in front of them.
  • View your individual lab configuration in 3-D—which can include different locations, departments, or sites if desired.
  • Track onboard inventory consumption and receive low-consumable and -reagent alerts.
  • Manage exceptions for routine and STAT samples via user-defined settings.
  • Streamline performance monitoring with robust process analytics, enabling you to spot trends and improve outcomes.

Características e Benefícios

Atellica Process Manager

Atellica® Process Manager is a testament to Siemens Healthineers commitment to digitalize healthcare and enable healthcare providers to achieve better outcomes at lower cost. With Atellica Process Manager, we help you do more than control processes; we help you uncover inefficiencies and optimize clinical operations to save time and money. Based on our leadership in laboratory automation and a wealth of knowledge gained over 20 years of workflow consultations, Atellica Process Manager was designed to optimize performance in laboratories throughout the world.

Dr. Pirjo Hedberg, Head Chemist, NordLab
Atellica Process Manager

Standardize and optimize clinical operations across your laboratory through built-in analytics and business intelligence capabilities.

  • Increase productivity by balancing tests among connected systems with detailed automation utilization and system reports.
  • Track the productivity of both automated and stand-alone systems throughout your laboratory network with built-in analytics and business intelligence capabilities.
  • Identify trends by reviewing throughput and exception details by test, time, and patient location.
  • Ensure sufficient onboard inventory is available to meet your clinical workflow needs with low-reagent and low-consumable alerts. 
Atellica Process Manager

Identify and resolve inefficiencies with intelligent and customizable analytics.

  • Gain immediate access to a library of standard reports and uncover inefficiencies so you can implement change quickly.
  • Develop customized reports based on metrics that you define, with reports that you specify.
  • Determine and correct sample errors that occur in the pre-analytic, analytic, and post-analytic stages with advanced performance metrics.
  • Generate reports in real time without having to export data to another platform.
Atellica Process Manager

Increase workforce productivity with a centralized dashboard for operational oversight.

  • Control all systems, view reagent levels, and review testing progress from one screen.
  • Access color-coded alerts and sample details in the lab or remotely via any network client workstation.
  • View the real-time process status of automation, IT, and connected instruments with customized alerts, reducing hands-on time and enabling staff to focus on higher-priority tasks.
  • Configure your individual lab’s layout—including zones to view different laboratories, locations, or sites, if desired—on our proprietary, intuitive 3-D control panel screen.
Atellica Process Manager

Deliver transparent and predictable turnaround times through the implementation of rules and at-risk sample alerts.

  • Implement test-specific TAT rules and receive alerts for samples before they exceed your lab’s TAT targets.
  • Manage priority samples (e.g., STAT samples) and turnaround-time exceptions to deliver predictable turnaround times.
  • Customize alerts, dashboards, and priority sample rules to accommodate your clinical laboratory’s workflow needs.
  • Measure laboratory quality indicators with reports that help you gain transparency to your operations.

Especificações Técnicas

Required interfaces
Aptio® Automation with Data Management System (DMS) or FlexLab® with DMS

Supported interfaces
Immunoassay systems
Atellica® IM 1300 Analyzer
Atellica IM 1600 Analyzer
ADVIA Centaur® XPT Immunoassay System
ADVIA Centaur XP Immunoassay System
IMMULITE® 2000 XPi Immunoassay System
IMMULITE 2000 Immunoassay System

Chemistry systems
Atellica® CH 930 Analyzer
Atellica® NEPH 630 System
ADVIA® Chemistry XPT System
ADVIA 2400 Clinical Chemistry System
ADVIA 1800 Clinical Chemistry System

Integrated systems
Atellica Solution
Dimension Vista® 500 Intelligent Lab System
Dimension Vista 1500 Intelligent Lab System
Dimension® EXL™ 200 Integrated Chemistry System
Dimension EXL with LM Integrated Chemistry System

VersaCell® System
Third-party systems*
CentraLink® Data Management System