Artis com PURE®Adding smooth to smart.

In angiography, many physicians don’t get to experience the full capabilities of their modern interventional systems as both procedures and system interaction get increasingly complex. PURE® adds smooth use to Siemens' smart technologies in the angio suite and helps all users to increase their process efficiency, get the full potential of their system, and enhance their patient outcomes. For a PURE experience in angiography. 

Smooth interaction
Save time during procedures. Fewer steps. More efficiency.

Smart performance
Expand your capabilities. More confidence. Better outcomes.


Professor Martin Skalej, MD

“I think the most important aspect of PURE® is the ease of use and the resulting quality. All those tools together bring about greater safety for the patient.”

Professor Martin Skalej, MD
Department of Neuroradiology, University Hospital Magdeburg, Germany

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Simplify 3D imaging with expert guidance

  • Achieve desired 3D imaging results with step-by-step guidance
  • Increase your confidence and get the full benefits from your system

Focus and zoom at tableside with just one click

  • Click into your region of interest, and QuickZoom centers and zooms automatically
  • Save time and speed up your workflow

Save 99 % dose when integrating pre-op volumes for live image guidance1

  • With only two fluoro projections, easily fuse 3D volumes from pre-op CT, MR, or PET data
  • Expand your capabilities and save radiation dose and contrast media

Reduce metal artifacts to see the unseen

  • Reduce artifacts close to metallic devices
  • Increase diagnostic confidence and the chance for visualizing complications such as bleedings close to metallic objects


Welcome the 4th dimension to the angio suite

  • See flow patterns in 3D, providing a virtually unlimited number of DSA runs at no additional dose and contrast media2
  • Expand your clinical capabilities in the angio suite by optimizing patient selection and individualized treatment strategies

Heads-up Display
Stay focused with context-sensitive On-Screen Menu

  • Access all relevant data and functionalities via the On-screen Menu on the Heads-up Display
  • Keep your attention focused on the intervention and ease your procedure


Parallel Patient Processing
Share system capabilities between exam and control rooms

  • Plan a procedure without interfering with an ongoing case
  • Streamline your workflow, maximize system productivity and improve room utilization


Save and recall procedure planning data easily

  • Easily save and recall pre-planned procedures
  • Optimize your workflow and be more efficient


Benefit from pre-acquired DSA for excellent image quality in Roadmap easily

  • Benefit from pre-acquired DSA runs for subsequent subtracted fluoroscopy with minimal system interaction
  • Get more out of your system by simplifying your workflow, while saving dose and contrast


Compensate for patient movement with next generation real-time pixel-shift

  • Benefit of consistent image quality in Roadmap during patient movements
  • Get sharper images and enhance your treatment even in challenging situations


Multiple Needle Guidance
Save time by planning multiple needle paths in one step

  • Plan several needle paths in one step
  • Simply call up each path one by one during the intervention to streamline your procedure


Enhanced Options for Surgery
Streamline your workflow with longer table-tops and additional accessory flexibility

  • Easily integrate a variety of surgery-specific components
  • Expand your clinical capabilities and speed up your surgery workflow