Q-ity™ UA 10 Visual Urine Strips 

World-class urine testing can make a world of difference

Point of Care Urinalysis Q-ity

At least half of the world population lacks access to even the most basic health services.1 And with chronic disease on the rise globally, millions of people in underserved areas are facing worsening health from otherwise preventable conditions.

Increasing access to solutions that capture baseline patient data quickly and consistently, in nearly any clinical environment, is a simple response to this complex and growing problem; with the potential to improve preventive care and population health management throughout the world.

Q-ity UA 10 Visual Urine Strips, a simple-to-use, readily available urinalysis test strip that can deliver fundamental value to developing markets. Cost-effective and easy to transport and store, Q-ity visual read urine strips give frontline healthcare workers in almost any clinical setting the ability to accurately detect a broad range of conditions. From urinary tract infections to diabetes and kidney disorders, Q-ity urine strips deliver fast, reliable results with a dip and read test. Simple and usable anywhere, Q-ity urine strips offer high-quality chemistry and reduces obstacles to essential care. Because, in the global battle against chronic diseases, everyone deserves point-of-care urinalysis they can trust.

Visual Read Instructions

Q-ity Urine strips dip

(1) Dip the reagent strip into the urine sample, wetting all pads.

Q-ity Urine Strips Remove Drag

(2) Remove the strip from the urine by dragging the edge of the strip against the side of the tube.

Q-ity Urine Strips Blot

(3) Blot by touching the edge of the strip to a paper towel to remove excess urine.

Q-ity Urine Strips Visual Read

(4) Hold strip close to color blocks. Compare and carefully match each test pad to the corresponding row of color blocks on the bottle label. Read each pad at time shown on the bottle label.