syngo®.Ultrasound Breast Analysis Flexible, scalable reporting and reviewing solution


syngo.Ultrasound Breast Analysis

syngo®.Ultrasound Breast Analysis (sUSBA) is a software-only solution for offline review of 3D volume data and 2D images and clips from the ACUSON S2000™ Automated Breast Volume Scanner (ABVS) ultrasound system. It provides quick and confident results -anytime, anywhere. The software is optimized for breast ultrasound workflow, making 2D review and manipulation of 3D ABVS data very efficient. It provides image analysis and reporting with comprehensive tools for data review - all in one place.

  • Software licensing, dongle-protected
  • Patient-centered workflow
  • Comparison of ABVS 3D images with hand-held 2D ultrasound images and images from other modalities
  • Comprehensive tools for reviewing the data; magnifier, interactive zoom, rotation, and scrolling
  • Support of different types of annotations to mark findings
  • Report supports the ACR BI-RADS® US Lexicon Classification Form