PETNET SolutionsDelivering a broad portfolio of PET radiopharmaceuticals to advance patient outcomes

PETNET Solutions Inc, A Siemens Healthineers Company, reliably delivers PET radiopharmaceuticals via the largest network of cyclotron-equipped radiopharmacies globally. Supported by experts averaging more than 20 years of industry experience, PETNET customers unlock access to a wide array of tracers, customized data analytics, and educational resources to drive growth.

Our portfolio

PET tracers

Whether your focus is on clinical care or investigational research, PETNET offers the broadest portfolio of PET radiopharmaceuticals manufactured and delivered from a single supplier:

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Who we are

PET radiopharmaceuticals doses

47 PETNET radiopharmacies worldwide

Delivering from the largest global PET radiopharmacy network

With 47 cyclotron-powered radiopharmacies around the globe, PETNET is the largest supplier of positron emission tomography (PET) radiopharmaceuticals. 

We manufacture and deliver more than 1,345,000 doses1 to more than 2,800 imaging centers1 each year. In the United States alone, we deliver at least one product to 92% of PET imaging centers.2

Our global footprint, quality leadership, and broad portfolio expertise make us the ideal choice for IP holders working to bring new agents to market. 

We have demonstrated leadership in the PET regulatory space. We submitted and obtained FDA approval of 18F-FDG well in advance of industry requirements and continue to work closely with the FDA as new technology appears and the PET industry evolves. 

And as a key part of Siemens Healthineers Molecular Imaging, we have a direct line into front-line research and development in the world of molecular imaging. 

clinical trial guidance

Customers in the United States have unique opportunities to participate in clinical trials with the support of PETNET.

We are always collaborating with pharmaceutical companies to research new agents and submit drug applications. In addition to providing access to radiopharmaceuticals, we provide the training and support needed to participate in clinical trials across the United States.

More than 10 million doses delivered since 2011

PETNET maintains a dose fulfilment rate of >99% through our integrated network of radiopharmacies. We know it can be challenging to maintain patient schedules, minimize wait times, and provide timely results to referring physicians without PET tracer delivery you can count on. 

PETNET cyclotron


Heavy investments in equipment design and redundancy increase uptime and output, upgrade cyclotron RF technology, and advance targetry, ion output, and control systems technologies.

PETNET pharmacy illustration

Proven on-time 

We use automated production, route optimization, and GPS technology to support on-time delivery in the US.

PETNET exemplifies high quality

Leading high quality production

Updates to our pharmacy information management system help ensure product quality and patient safety for customers within the US.

PETNET opens a new radiopharmacy site in Chicago.

Ongoing infrastructure investments

We are committed to continuing to invest heavily in our radiopharmacy sites to increase capacity, output, and operational efficiency. Last year, we opened 2 replacement radiopharmacy sites (and upgraded equipment, including cyclotrons, in several others).

Expert support

PETNET's knowledgeable staff averaging more than 20 years of industry experience supports your imaging practice and encourages growth. You can rely on our high performance customer care, pharmacy, and sales teams for ordering and scheduling support, market development, and strategic account engagement.

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