Scientific Presentations

Listen and view the various scientific presentations captured during our events held throughout the years.

Timing is of the essence: Unlocking the potential of PET/CT imaging with time of flight

 28. 9. 2023

Dr. Ian Armstrong, Nuclear Medicine Consultant Physicist, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom.

The potential Impact of Total Body PET to Whole Person Research and Network Medicine

 9. 9. 2023

Discover how Prof. Dr. Marcus Hacker envisions the potential of Total Body PET for whole person research and its effects on network medicine. 

EANM 2023

Symbia Pro.specta: Putting the "Pro" in SPECT/CT imaging

 25. 8. 2023
Alex Torres, CNMT, (ARRT)(N)(CT); Natasha Befrui, BS, CNMT, (ARRT)(N)(CT); Nuclear Medicine Technologists, Department of Radiology, Houston Methodist Hospital, Houston, Texas, USA.

Empowering precision oncology: Expanding access to next-generation theranostics

 10. 8. 2023
Joseph R. Osborne, MD, PhD; Chief, Division of Molecular Imaging and Therapeutics, Professor of Radiology, Weill Cornell Medicine, New York, New York.

Clinical experience of routine SPECT/CT reading after migrating from to syngo.via

 9. 5. 2023
Iain Duncan, MD, Garran Medical Imaging, Canberra, Australia

Molecular imaging in prostate cancer

 1. 12. 2022
Examining the role of molecular imaging in prostate cancer from staging through biochemical recurrence with Dr. Louis Mazzarelli, Director of Molecular Imaging at Lawrence and Memorial and Westerly Hospitals with Yale New Haven Health.

Molecular imaging in lung cancer

 1. 12. 2022

Examining the role of molecular imaging in lung cancer from initial diagnosis through post-therapy follow-up with Dr. Ryan Avery, Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Imaging & Nuclear Medicine, Director of Nuclear Medicine, and Director of Advanced Imaging & Analytics Laboratory in the Department of Radiology at Northwestern Medicine.

Future of PET and how it is diversifying

 15. 10. 2022

Prof. Juhani Knuuti, MD, PhD, University of Turku and Tukru University Hospital, Turku, FInland

Symbia Pro.specta™ SPECT/CT at SNMMI

Symbia Pro.specta SPECT/CT at SNMMI 2022

 14. 6. 2022

Learn more about the features and benefits of Symbia Pro.specta™ SPECT/CT at SNMMI 2022.

Biograph Vision Quadra™ PET/CT at SNMMI 2022

Biograph Vision Quadra PET/CT at SNMMI 2022

 14. 6. 2022

Learn more about the features and benefits of Biograph Vision Quadra™ PET/CT at SNMMI 2022.

First experiences with an LAFOV - Biograph Vision Quadra

 13. 6. 2022

Joyce van Sluis, MSc.
University of Groningen

SNMMI 2022

First clinical experiences with Symbia Pro.specta SPECT/CT

 13. 6. 2022

Laura Whitehouse
Dr. Erin Ross
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, UK

SNMMI 2022

SNMMI 2022 highlights

 13. 6. 2022

Highlights from the SNMMI 2022 annual meeting held June 11-14 in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

SNMMI 2022

Radiomics and genomics – a match made in heaven?

 21. 10. 2021
Prof. Dr Alexander Haug, MD, PhD
Division of Nuclear Medicine
Medical University of Vienna
EANM 2021

Quantification of myocardial 99mTc-HMDP uptake in patients with transthyretin-related cardiac amyloidosis: ready for clinical practice?

 21. 10. 2021
Prof. Alban Bailliez, MD, PhD
Nuclear Medicine Dept-Humani TEP; Faculty of Medicine
EANM 2021