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Patient Chart

Comprehensive data for informed decision making

Patient Chart helps to keep care teams better informed with comprehensive information. The application displays collected data from multiple sources – e.g. lab results, imaging data, medication and diagnosis – to help reduce time spent searching for missing information on a patient’s condition.

eHealth patient chart view

Patient Chart displays a summary of the most relevant data at a glance to achieve better outcomes. The application makes care teams better equipped by providing a summary of longitudinal clinical data in a single view to better anticipate patient needs and help improve patient care.


eHealth Patient Chart difficulties in accessing data

54% of healthcare providers report difficulty in accessing data and integrating multiple data sources1

Data silos make it difficult to access the most relevant information in one place and to make that information meaningful to obtain an overview of a patient’s health condition.

eHealth Patient Chart - search for crucial patient information

Sift through > 50,000 data points – only 60 of which comprise crucial patient information2

Large-scale data dumps with no way of extracting truly actionable information increase the chance of a care team being overloaded and impact the quality of care.

eHealth Patient Chart - time spent for searching information

Physicians spend 27% of their total time with patients and 49% of their time searching for information3

Not having a single view of longitudinal patient health data at the point of care negatively affects the physician experience and therefore also patient satisfaction.


eHealth Patient Chart - better informed care teams

Your care teams are better informed with access to comprehensive information

  • Helps to reduce the time spent searching for missing information on a patient’s condition

  • Reduces the workload of operational personnel created by paper-based administrative tasks

  • Allows care to be adjusted appropriately to prevent adverse events

eHealth Patient Chart - excellenct outcomes by more efficiency

Your physicians are more efficient with excellent outcomes

• Accelerates productivity by empowering physicians with complete, summarized, and very specific information at the point of care

• Reduces physician overload by minimizing the time they spend searching for the necessary data, allowing them to focus on better patient care

• Enables physicians to treat more patients in the same amount of time by providing specific details regarding the patient’s condition

• Saves physicians’ time by giving them the whole picture at a glance, enabling them to take actions specifically tailored to the patient's condition

eHealth Patient Chart - better experience by optimized care

Your patients have a better experience with optimized care

• Improves patient satisfaction by reducing the number of duplicated tests and visits

• Removes paper workflows therefore reducing the number of documents that need to be collected and carried to each visit

• Helps reduce time to diagnosis through access to quick overview of patient’s condition, which impacts decision-making, and therefore also patient adherence

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