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Enables rapid, direct, and documented remote consultations between physicians across institutions

Physician-to-physician consultation enables the achievement of coordinated, high-quality patient care by leveraging expert knowledge across specialties.


Patients or specialist physicians need to travel to conduct consultations outside their own departments or hospitals without directly sharing patient data1

collaboration across institutions

Many different systems

hinder the consolidation of physicians to enable them to effectively provide their expertise.

time wasted due to inefficient systems and workflows

43 minutes wasted each day

due to inefficient systems and workflows, while communicating and consulting with colleagues as well as completing documentation.2


eHealth Consultation - share sufficient accurate and usable data
Share sufficient, accurate, and usable data through a complete, seamlessly integrated workflow that is fully incorporated into the existing system environment
eHealth Consultation - all data in a single database for timely treatment
All data, such as lab results, radiology information, screening, and consultation data, in a single database for timely treatment
eHealth Consultation - improve quality of decision-making by connecting different healthcare systems
Connect providers in different healthcare systems with standardized workflow to help to improve quality of decision-making

Cooperative patient care

The web application supports consultation between physicians — either seamlessly integrated in your existing system environment or in the user-friendly eHealth Care Collaboration applications interface.

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