Siemens Healthineers white PET/CT scanner

Biograph mCT Sim editionThe intelligent molecular RT simulator

Biograph™ mCT Sim edition features a large bore with access to intelligent imaging applications, making standardized protocols and personalized scans possible. Complex procedures, like PET motion-free imaging, can be transformed to an easy click of a button, and 4D CT workflow can be streamlined by automatically setting optimal scan parameters based on the patient’s breathing cycle. Biograph mCT Sim edition brings you a comprehensive solution for PET/CT in radiation therapy–driving the right planning for the right treatment.

Features & Benefits

Female patient laying on scanner bed

Biograph mCT Sim edition’s basic configuration sets the standard in PET/CT for RT planning. Offering technology that enables reproductivity across patients, personalization of scans, advanced motion management, and metal artifact reduction, Biograph mCT Sim delivers dedicated tools for a precise planning with dose optimization and time savings.

RT reproducibility

  • RTP pallet
  • TG-66 compliant patient table
  • HD FoV Pro
  • DirectDensity
  • iMAR

Motion management

  • PET/CT respiratory gating
  • FAST 4D
  • Phase-matched gating
  • DirectBreathhold1

Male silhouette and brain scan

Enabled by AIDAN, Biograph mCT Sim edition uses intelligent imaging applications to transform complex procedures and make standardized protocols and personalized scans possible.

Clinical scan of torso
Data courtesy of Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen, Germany.

Biograph mCT Sim edition offers an integrated workflow, enabled by syngo®.via, that supports clinical decisions along with a multimodality tool for deformable registration, dose visualization, beam placement, and more.

In addition to the Biograph mCT Sim edition, we have RT packages available for our Biograph Horizon and Biograph Vision™ scanners.

Technical Specifications



Bore diameter:

78 cm

Tunnel length:

136 cm

Table capacity:

227 kg (500 lb)



Generator power:

80 kW, 100 kW*   

Rotation times: 

1.0, 0.5, 0.33, 0.30*, 0.28* s 

Tube voltages:

70, 80, 100, 120, 140 kV    

Metal artifact reduction:


Optimized kV settings:


One-click 4D-CT:


Deep-inspiration breath hold acquisition:


Iterative reconstruction:



40, 64, 128     



Axial field of view:

16.4, 22.1* cm

Crystal size:

4 x 4 x 20 mm

Time of flight performance:

540 ps

Respiratory gating: