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Computed Tomography

Computed tomography is moving beyond its traditional diagnostic role to become a key player in early disease detection and therapy planning. This expansion means an even broader patient cohort and demands resilient productivity. Concurrently, we are all navigating an unstable environment, in which we face challenges around hygiene, supply chain, and staffing issues – with limited access to solutions when and where they are needed. You need a reliable partner that can help you traverse these difficulties with products, services, and the infrastructure to support new business models and prioritize environmental sustainability and robustness. With an almost 50-year legacy of listening, Computed Tomography at Siemens Healthineers is innovating far ahead of these developments, well before potential issues become needs. 
You think ahead. We innovate ahead.

Innovating ahead for the new role of CT 

The expansion of the clinical role of CT into early detection and therapy planning is being driven primarily by new guidelines from the respective scientific and clinical communities, as well as large-scale governmental screening programs. Coronary CT angiography, stroke management, valve planning for structural heart disease treatment, and minimally invasive procedures such as CT-guided interventions are becoming central to the use of CT. Siemens Healthineers is pioneering for these applications.

Product image of NAEOTOM Alpha

NAEOTOM Alpha helps users impact treatment outcomes with clinical results that are truly meaningful, precise, and reproducible. Benefit from a range of clinical options and consistency never seen before in conventional CT scanners.

NAEOTOM Alpha is delivering Quantum HD Cardiac images with ultra-high resolution to visualize previously undetectable details in the heart without dose penalty.
Computed Tomography - Dual Source CT

Dual Source technology is one-of-a kind and has revolutionized clinical capabilities in many ways by using two X-ray sources and two detectors at the same time. With its unrivalled power, speed, and precision, it allows you to obtain high-quality results even in challenging and advanced imaging applications.

Computed Tomography - Graphic of Spectral Imaging

Working together, the CT imaging chain provides advantages in diagnostics and screening which can help you speed up clinical workflows. This results in high image quality at fast scan speeds while keeping dose low.

CT-guided minimally invasive procedures

CT offers a new level of guidance, which increasingly makes it the modality of choice for image guidance in interventional procedures.1 These CT-guided minimally invasive procedures often enable cost-effective diagnosis and treatment of suspicious lesions.2

Innovating ahead for resilient productivity 

Expanded clinical needs also bring along a larger patient cohort and extreme productvity demands. Achieving high patient throughput and providing the highest standards of patient experience and safety under extreme patient load is becoming even more critical for you as care providers. At Siemens Healthineers, we are innovating CT with AI-powered solutions, such as zero-click automated reconstructions directly from the scanner designed to strengthen health professionals’ capacities. You think ahead about resilient productivity. We innovate ahead with smart technologies.

Ahead in routine CT imaging procedures with patient-centric workflow
With the introduction of myExam Companion and Mobile Workflow, we have opened up the possibility of making CT diagnostics more personal and allowing you to stay with your patients longer for closer care.
Computed Tomography - Intelligent imaging graphic
With intelligent imaging, we introduced a new philosophy for operating CT scanners, turning data into integrated expertise. Users are guided through diagnostic procedures and can efficiently achieve reproducible results.
Clinical CT image of the lung with artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence holds significant promise for radiology and is already starting to revolutionize healthcare in many ways. It is a valuable tool that, when combined with the human expertise of radiologists and clinicians, offers vast potential to the healthcare industry.

Innovating ahead for a sustainable future 

Even with answers in sight, limited access to sustainable and affordable solutions remains a barrier. We are pushing towards decentralizing care, expanding access, and creating a digitally connected, seamless experience. You think ahead about a sustainable future. We innovate ahead with accessible and futureproof solutions.

Product image of SOMATOM Pro.Pulse

SOMATOM Pro.Pulse unlocks Dual Source technology from large university hospitals to smaller facilities. It enables high temporal resolution and scan speed to support you to confidently assess even challenging patients with the simplicity of myExam Companion.

Critical care imaging with mobile CT
SOMATOM On.Site changes the way you can serve ICU patients suffering from acute and critical head conditions enabling you to transform care delivery at your hospital.
Keyvisual Sustainability
Today's innovations must be sustainable. That's why we are developing efficient and sustainable system designs that aim to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, offering longevity and robustness.

Today, Computed Tomography at Siemens Healthineers is an innovation powerhouse, redesigning and augmenting our entire portfolio to support our customers in providing the best possible patient care.
You think ahead. We innovate ahead.