Can Patients Benefit from Standardized Processes?

Robert Johnson, MD, of Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust explains how

In 1999, Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust in Great Britain and Siemens Healthineers entered an enduring partnership comprising managed equipment. As the Trust continued to grow, the multi-site organization experienced challenges: the three locations all had their own established ways of doing things, which resulted in varying processes and patient experiences. When Robert Johnson, MD, Consultant Radiologist, took over as Clinical Director of Radiology at the Trust, he recognized the need to standardize and unify their processes to overcome waste, create value, and provide a seamless patient journey in radiology. Focusing on the clinical pathway from referral to report for CT and MRI patients, the partnering organizations decided to take a closer look at the people and processes. Johnson, MD, explains how patients will benefit from standardized processes that span the multi-site organization and increase enterprise-wide value.

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