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IT Care Plan
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Acquiring best-in-class medical equipment is just the first step to remaining competitive in a constantly changing healthcare environment. The management of healthcare IT solutions, including their associated resources, can be both time-consuming and costly.

The IT Care Plan is the service agreement that provides the optimal level of support for healthcare IT solutions and software products for high performance and excellent outcomes. It delivers fast and efficient technical and clinical application support, while keeping software secure and state-of-the-art during its entire serviceable lifetime. A comprehensive education offer complements the IT Care Plan to empower your highly skilled workforce and elevate the quality of patient care.

Features & Benefits

The IT Care Plan covers the following services:

The IT Care Plan allows you to

  • Be empowered: Benefit from fast expert support for optimized daily operations and empowered users at plannable costs
  • Be innovative: Leverage innovations to keep your IT solutions constantly secure and state-of-the-art for high performance and efficiency
  • Be productive: Make the most of workforce education for high workflow productivity and personalized experiences

Learn more about the IT Care Plan by downloading our digital flyers (Syngo and POC).

Customer Story

“The support for syngo.via is a wellstructured process with fast access to a dedicated Support or Application Engineer. It made us confident in taking the next steps towards an Education Plan and PEPconnect. As a university hospital, the need for an appropriate training plan is primordial. The Education Plan [granting access to Equipment & Clinical Education] is, besides training, an opportunity to exchange ideas on new procedures and technologies and is therefore beneficial for the hospital.”

Walter Coudyzer, Clinical Trial Assistang, University Hospital, Leuven, Belgium

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