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xSPECT Quant

Conventional SPECT/CT quantification is manual and time intensive—often requiring specialized resources to manage the complexity and potential for error. As a result, quantitative SPECT/CT is rarely used clinically.

The only tool to offer automated, accurate, and reproducible quantification for a range of isotopes, xSPECT Quant™ has paved the way for routine SPECT/CT quantification.

xSPECT Quant uses a 3% National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable precision source, which allows you to easily standardize uptake values across different cameras, dose calibrators, and facilities.

Accurate to within 5%,1 xSPECT Quant is the industry’s most precise and reproducible1 SPECT/CT quantitative solution. Available for 99mTc, 123I, 177Lu, 111In, and 131I imaging,2 xSPECT Quant enables clinical SPECT/CT quantification to more precisely detect disease and better manage therapy.

The absolute quantification capabilities of xSPECT Quant are also a basis for theranostics, the unique approach of combining diagnostics and therapy.

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John Prior, PhD, MD, FEBNM Lausanne, Switzerland

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Data courtesy of Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen, Germany.

Written by A. Hans Vija, PhD, Carl von Gall, MD, and Partha Ghosh, MD
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