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Enabling workforce excellence with education, staffing, and remote services 

The gap between the number of patients and the number of skilled clinical staff available is becoming ever wider. To keep offering high-quality patient care, healthcare providers need to deliver optimal clinical outcomes.

Siemens Healthineers workforce excellence - staff shortage
Siemens Healthineers workforce excellence - 15 million shortfall of health workers by 2030
Siemens Healthineers workforce excellence - expertise shortage
Siemens Healthineers workforce excellence - #1 key action to close gaps is building skills of the workforce
Siemens Healthineers workforce excellence - mitigation strategies
Siemens Healthineers workforce excellence - hiring temporary healthcare professionals is priority

Workforce Management Tools

Education & Coaching

With smart education strategies, you can improve the quality of clinical outcomes and boost productivity while increasing your reputation. Digital, Hybrid Learning solutions enable you to increase skills and coaching helps your staff gain confidence in new complex procedures. 

Hybrid Learning solutions, which provide a personalized mix of learning tools, enables you to: 

  • benefit from application and equipment training that goes beyond equipment usage 
  • build long-term expertise across the entire team and attracts and retains talent 
  • experience individual, expert-guided, virtual, or traditional education methods keep knowledge of your workforce up to date with a life-long education approach.

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Clinical Workshop

Clinical Workshops and Fellowship programs 

Optimize your clinical skills to use the full potential of your system and its software applications. Choose from a wide range of education programs and profit from the professional knowledge of our education specialists and clinical partners. 

Virtual Classroom Training

Application Training 

Theoretical principles of imaging are supplemented by practical exercises, giving you the opportunity to gain skills for day-to-day clinical work. Wether in a virtual course or an onsite classroom we impact practical knowledge in clear, manageable units and focus on an interactive approach with our face-to-face training.

Handover & Remote Training

Handover & Remote Training

helps you achieve safe and efficient operation of the new equipment, as well as its seamless integration into your organization’s processes.

Staffing Services

Customer Voices  

Whether you are a trainer, learner, or staff manager – education is a key topic that concerns everyone. Many of your colleagues around the world are already gaining interactive learning experience with our education solutions. Find out what they think.9