Polymobil Plus
Simplicity and reliability in mobile X-ray imaging

mobile x ray machine
Polymobil Plus
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Hospitals require cost-effective and proven systems which reliably support daily operations. Polymobil Plus is the powerful entry-level analog mobile X-ray machine with simple to use, well-proven features for streamlined operation. It offers high image quality with its 20 kW generator and its maximum tube current of 300 mA1.

Features & Benefits

Comfortable traveling and maneuvering

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Easy to move in crowded areas or at narrow bedsides
  • Allows a very good view when traveling
  • Short wheelbase with large PU tires and two swiveling front wheels


Easy handling

  • Counterbalanced arm system allows for great freedom of movement
  • Self-explaining control panel
  • Touch-sensitive buttons for quick exposure parameter setting
  • Clearly visible, digital display for kV and mAs values 

High image quality

  • High power output of 16 kW/250 mA (optional: 20 kW/300 mA)
  • Short exposure times
  • Minimizing motion artifacts
  • Consistent image quality

Proven reliability

  • Outstanding availability
  • Proven quality: thousands of active systems worldwide
  • Polymobil is well-known in more than 130 countries to provide excellent results even in challenging environments


Clinical Use

Polymobil Plus is designed for radiographic imaging in patient wards, intensive care units, operating rooms, orthopedics and for physicians with general practices.

Technical Specifications

Discover how the technical specifications of the mobile X-ray machine Polymobil Plus can help your daily operations.

System specification 
Power output16 kW, max. 250 mA
20 kW1, max. 300 mA
Footprint (l x w x h)131 cm x 63 cm x 133 cm
Max. focal spot height190 cm
Max. horizontal tube extension110 cm
System weight (w/o optional accessories)Approx. 171 kg


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Polymobil Plus is not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons its future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens Healthineers organization for further details.