MULTIX Impact E1

Essential imaging. Everywhere.

Overview Features and benefits of Multix Impact E
All around the globe, many patients still have limited access to quality digital X-ray imaging. MULTIX Impact E has been purposefully designed to improve access to care and to open new opportunities for digital imaging – for everyone, everywhere. The versatile floor-mounted X-ray machine features all you need for easy, intuitive system operation, lets you detect anatomical details at low dose, and comes at an attractive price for limited budgets.

Features & Benefits

    Focus on quality imaging

    Outdated equipment can lead to inefficient image acquisition and reading. The X-ray system MULTIX Impact E offers all the digital essentials you need for intuitive system operation, low-dose quality imaging, and confident reading – simply everywhere.

    Floor X-ray machine MULTIX Impact E: Digital workflow


    Get all you need for an efficient and streamlined imaging procedure. Experience a fast digital workflow from patient registration to image postprocessing and documentation. And easily share images with patients and peers.

    Floor X-ray machine MULTIX Impact E: Full-size digital x-ray detector

    Full-size Core 
    XL detector

    Save dose for your patients with the full-size, wireless CSI flat panel detector (Dimensions: 
    42.6 cm x 42.6 cm – 17" x 17"). Its rechargeable and replaceable battery lasts for up to 7.5 hours or 950 images operation time. And the handle allows safe transportation.

    Floor X-ray machine MULTIX Impact E: System operation


    Easily handle your floor X-ray system MULTIX Impact E. Its visually guided logic offers an easy-to-understand imaging system and highly intuitive system operation.

    Floor X-ray machine MULTIX Impact E: Tubeside Control Module

    Tubeside Control 
    Module (TCM)

    Always keep an eye on the digital SID and easily control system movements – with the rotatable TCM. In addition, its smooth surface is water repellent and easy to clean.

    Floor X-ray machine MULTIX Impact E: Touch User Interface

    Touch User 
    Interface2 (TUI)

    Focus on your patients and help them relax. Stay with them while you quickly prepare the scan and set up the X-ray system before imaging – thanks to the intuitive TUI2.

    Floor X-ray machine MULTIX Impact E: Member of our MULTIX Impact Family

    MULTIX Impact 

    MULTIX Impact E is a member of the trusted MULTIX Impact Family. Discover the other family members.

    Healthcare providers worldwide seek to get the most for their budget. The floor-mounted X-ray machine MULTIX Impact E is a cost-effective and reliable investment, with a 10-year spare parts warranty, that can help improve your revenue streams for the long run – with a trusted partner always by your side.

    Flexible system settings

    Adapt MULTIX Impact E to your clinical and economic needs. The X-ray system is available in five configurations: with fixed or elevating table as well as with or without the Bucky wall stand2 – allowing you to save valuable space or to use the system for special clinical use cases.

    Floor X-ray machine MULTIX Impact E: Intuitive system operation

    Keep training effort and costs low – with the easy and intuitive-to-operate MULTIX Impact E. 
    Whether first training, refresher, or onboarding new colleagues: You can forgo onsite training and perform the training completely online.

    Floor X-ray machine MULTIX Impact E: High cybersecurity standards

    High cybersecurity standards

    Reliably protect sensitive patient data against modern malware and benefit from advanced user management with role-based access control.

    Floor X-ray machine MULTIX Impact E: Worldwide service coverage

    Optimal worldwide service coverage

    Keep uptime high and service costs low with our remote services. And access original, certified spare parts until 10 years after you purchased your MULTIX Impact E.

    Floor X-ray machine MULTIX Impact E: Efficient online training

    Online training

    Access comprehensive and engaging training material anytime online on our free-to-access PEPconnect3 platform. And receive your certificate after completing the mandatory training.

    Clinical Use

    Floor X-ray machine MULTIX Impact E: Graphical Organ Programs

    Graphical Organ Programs (OGP)

    Simplify exam preparations, speed up your digital imaging workflow, and further reduce dose for children with dedicated OGPs.
    Floor X-ray machine MULTIX Impact E: Positioning Guide

    Positioning Guide

    Position patients with precision and confidence and get the image right the first time with the Positioning Guide.
    Floor X-ray machine MULTIX Impact E: Image Flavors

    Image Flavors

    Read clinical images in your preferred look and feel for confident decision-making with individual image flavor settings.

    Technical Specifications

    Fixed patient table

    Table height
    70 cm (27.6’’)
    Tabletop length

    Standard tabletop: 233 cm (91.7’’)
    Short tabletop:2 213 cm (83.9’’)

    Tabletop width
    80 cm (31.5’’)
    Max. patient weight

    300 kg (661 lbs)

    Max. patient coverage 
    (without patient repositioning)

    Approx. 190 cm (74.8’’) with standard tabletop
    Tabletop-detector distance
    ≤ 73 mm (2.9’’)

    Elevating patient table

    Table height

    52 – 95 cm (20.5”– 37.4”)

    Tabletop length

    233 cm (91.7”)

    Tabletop width

    80 cm (31.5’’)

    Max. patient weight

    300 kg (661 lbs)

    Max. patient coverage (without patient repositioning)

    Approx. 190 cm (74.8’’) with standard tabletop

    Tabletop-detector distance

    ≤ 73 mm (2.9’’)

    Column stand

    Longitudinal travel range
    154 cm (60.6’’)
    Vertical travel range
    135 cm (53.2’’)
    Lowest central beam height
    50 cm (19.7’’)
    Column stand rotation
    ± 90°, detents 0°, ± 90°
    X-ray tube rotation range
    ± 140°, detents at 0°, ± 90°

    Bucky wall stand2

    Travel range (central beam – floor)
    From 31.5 cm to 175 cm (12.4’’ to 68.9’’), manual
    BWS cover-detector distance
    ≤ 42 mm (1.7’’)



    40 kW (400 mA at 100 kV)
    50 kW (500 mA at 100 kV)

    Generator frequency

    > 150 kHz for 40 kW
    > 200 kHz for 50 kW

    X-ray tube

    Anode heat storage capacity
    170,000 J (230,000 HU)

    Max. heat storage capacity of 
    the tube housing

    1,000,000 J (1,350,000 HU)

    Touch Screen User Interface2


    1280 x 800 pixels

    All-in-one PC (workstation)

    Display size
    23.8” color display
    Display area (W x H)
    52.7 cm x 29.6 cm (20.7’’ x 11.6’’)
    1920 x 1080 pixels

    Core XL detector

    Dimensions (active area)

    42.6 cm x 42.6 cm (17’’ X 17’’)

    4.2 kg (9 lbs)
    Lithium-ion, rechargeable, exchangeable
    Battery operation time

    Up to 950 images
    Up to 7.5 hours during regular utilization