160 MLC Multileaf CollimatorFor fast and precise radiotherapy

Features & Benefits

Optimize and speed up your clinical workflow
The 160 MLC Multileaf Collimator combines fast leaf movement of 4 cm per second and excellent resolution with very low leakage. This enables you to treat patients with surgeon-like precision, sparing healthy surrounding tissue regardless of the tumor shape. A streamlined workflow allows for shorter treatment times, increasing patient comfort.

Covering a great variety of radiotherapy treatments

Covering a great variety of radiotherapy treatments
The 160 MLC was designed specifically for Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) and Adaptive Radiation Therapy (ART). Thanks to its speed and precision, it can also be used for linac-based stereotactic treatment solutions.

  • Meeting your requirements – and addressing the most challenging trends in radiotherapy.
Quick and efficient treatment delivery

Quick and efficient treatment delivery
The 160 MLC speeds up your workflow. Interdigitation allows easy planning. The MLC shape downloads quickly to the linac. An impressive leaf speed of 4 cm per second enables fast treatment delivery. Your big plus: shorter treatment times.

  • Higher speed means a smoother workflow – and for patients shorter, less stressful therapy sessions.
Accurately hits the tumor, spares healthy surrounding tissue

160 MLC irradiates tumor in a targeted way
A leaf thickness of 5 mm provides accurate conformity to the tumor shape. A leaf position accuracy of 0.5 mm allows for precise IMRT treatments. And a small penumbra ensures maximized dose to the target and minimized dose to the surrounding tissue.

  • Accurately hit the tumor, spare healthy surrounding tissue – regardless of the tumor shape.
User-friendly and workflow-oriented

User-friendly and workflow-oriented
The 160 MLC improves workflow efficiency. Data is always displayed when and where needed. Thanks to fully automated procedures, fields and segments are automatically downloaded. It takes only a click to align the leaves to the tumor shape.

  • Streamlined workflow also translates into shorter treatment times and increased patient throughput.

Clinical Use

Providing the speed and precision you need
Our 160 MLC Multileaf Collimator enables fast and precise radiotherapy. The main features of the collimator include low leakage, a small penumbra, high leaf accuracy, and fast leaf speed – making it the ideal choice for conventional and advanced treatment techniques.

Speed and precision from multiple segments to low dose

The 160 MLC can generate several segments within one field, simultaneously. 5 mm leaf resolution at the isocenter over the full field allows high conformity to the tumor shape. A small penumbra of 4.1 mm ensures low dose to OAR. And small targets close to OAR can be exactly reproduced (± 0.3 mm).

  • Speed up radiotherapy treatment
  • Superior precision spares healthy tissue
  • Leaves are made of radiopaque Tungste
Dose distributions
Dose distributions

As the 160 MLC conforms to any tumor shape, it enables all radiation treatment techniques and personalized medical care. Whether conventional or advanced radiotherapy treatments, it is the ideal choice. It also allows you to treat complex IMRT cases like brain, prostate cancer, or head & neck.

  • 160 MLC conforms to any tumor shape
  • Broaden your clinical spectrum
  • Treat even complex IMRT cases
160 MLC enables fast IMRT in approx. 5 minutes

A core component of ARTISTE™ Solution, the 160 MLC is part of our IM-Confident™ Plan – enabling IMRT for every case and every cancer site. Thanks to the MLC technology, treatment times can be reduced to approx. five minutes. In addition, it optimizes the treatment sequences to as few MLC segments as possible per gantry setting.

  • Improved treatment plan quality
  • Faster IMRT treatment delivery
  • MLC sequences are set in one direction
With the 160 MLC, ARTISTE is ready for linac-based SRT

ARTISTE comes standard with the 160 MLC – the best-in-class multileaf collimator that combines high speed and precision. With a leakage lower than 1.5% and a leaf positioning accuracy of 0.5 mm, the 160 MLC has dedicatedly proven its ability for stereotactic treatment.

  • Core component of ARTISTE
  • Low leakage, high leaf accuracy
  • For linac-based stereotactic treatment