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Our Operating room equipment with procedural intelligence technologies is designed to substantiate treatment decisions, enable image-guided therapies supporting ALARA dose, and support infection control measures. From Hybrid ORs dedicated to single surgical disciplines all the way to highly flexible solutions used by multiple surgical disciplines and catering to the versatile needs of a multifaceted case mix. We work together with our solution partners to offer the right solution for you. 

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Comprehensive imaging portfolio

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Procedural intelligence

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Strong solution partnerships

Our operating theatre equipment comprises a high-performance fleet of fixed C-arms and combined multi-modality solutions with intraoperative CT and MRI

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Wide-space C-arm, flexible isocenter, 3rd party table integration, syngo DynaCT Large Volume, park positions and peripheral imaging.

Time-consuming manual workflows, unwanted variations in procedural outcomes, and high demand on OR staff are key obstructions to treatment in the Hybrid OR. Thanks to Procedural intelligence – a combination of imaging and workflow software – you can simplify your surgical workflows and standardize treatment approaches across a broad range of patients and disciplines.

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Surgical imaging with 
fewer manual steps

Case FlowsTM can streamline your imaging tasks. You can capture multiple system settings and recall them at the single touch of a button. The system will apply your chosen parameters, eliminating up to six manual system interactions.

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Intelligent analysis 
of preoperative 3D data

Use our dedicated workflow software for pre- and intraprocedural support. The algorithms will automatically visualize the relevant anatomical landmarks (e.g. ostia rings). Fusion imaging provides continuous 3D guidance with a potential to shorten procedures by up to 30%1.

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Constant image quality 
supporting ALARA dose

OPTIQ delivers constant image quality (based on contrast-to-noise ratio) throughout the procedure, independent of angulation or patient size2, while saving dose up to 70%.

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