Creating healthcare with no addressStephen K. Klasko on the transformation of care delivery

Stephen K. Klasko, MD, is a visionary who believes that disruption is necessary to bring about the changes required to shape the healthcare of the future. At the Siemens Healthineers Executive Summit 2019, he argued for the globalization of healthcare and urged the industry to take risks and create patient-centered technologies so that healthcare is accessible to everyone, everywhere. Why is ‘healthcare with no address’ the path forward for care delivery?

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Known as a “disruptor," Stephen Klasko spoke out on reforms needed in the way we train and recruit doctors. He explained how Thomas Jefferson University is recruiting medical students based on empathy and self-awareness and how they are collaborating with design and arts students to think outside the box in healthcare.

As every patient is different one size does not fit all. The need for patients to become more empowered healthcare “consumers" is evident. That is why the future is consumer-focused care aimed to improve the patient experience. There is also a need to transition away from ‘bricks-and-mortar’ hospitals, but with the expanding role of technology and AI, creating healthcare ‘with no address’ has become possible. For healthcare to move forward, it must be globalized, not just through technology but with global qualification for doctors.

Stephen Klasko, MD

Stephen K. Klasko is one of the most visionary and creative leaders in the healthcare industry and a powerful advocate for change within healthcare and higher education. As President and CEO of Philadelphia-based Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health, he leads one of the nation’s fastest growing academic health institutions: under his leadership, Jefferson Health has grown to 14 hospitals. In 2019, Stephen Klasko was named the first Distinguished Fellow of the World Economic Forum for the Future of Health and Healthcare.

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